Jewellery in Surrey

  Wedding Jewellery UK - Gillian Million
£7 - £800
per item

Gillian Million

Gillian Million designs and creates wedding accessories and bespoke luxuries a...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - The Fine Finder
£200 - £4,000
per item

The Fine Finder

The Fine Finder is an independent online jewellery retailer specialised in 18k...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - Julie Nicaisse Jewellery
£200 - £2,000
per head

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery design timeless contemporary and unique symbols that ...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - Taylor & Hart
£217 - £20,000
per head

Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart specialises in designing unique engagement and wedding rings for...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - London Road Jewellery
£60 - £3,650
per item

London Road Jewellery

London Road Jewellery interprets the latest trends using the most precious mat...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - Aurum designer-jewellers
£200 - £10,000
per item

Aurum designer-jewellers

Jewellery designers and makers specialising in one-off and bespoke pieces

  Wedding Jewellery UK - The Bridal Lounge
£1,500 - £3,000
per item

The Bridal Lounge

Welcome to The Bridal Lounge; a designer boutique in the heart of the Cheshire...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - John Lewis Wedding Jewellery
£7 - £310
per item

John Lewis Wedding Jewelle...

Shop for Wedding Jewellery and Jewelled Hair Accessories from our Gifts range ...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - Trumpet and Horn
£545 - £30,000
per item

Trumpet and Horn

Vintage engagement rings, antique jewellery and our exclusive Claire Pettibone...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - The Mrs Box
£55 - £75
per item

The Mrs Box

We make beautiful, handmade velvet ring boxes in a rainbow of limited edition ...

  Wedding Jewellery UK - Devotion Dresses
£580 - £9,900
per head

Devotion Dresses

Devotion Dresses is an exclusive online platform offering its customers indivi...

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