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Tips On Wedding Planners

Hiring a wedding planner to help with your wedmin is a sure fire way to take the stress out of your wedding planning! So, if you’re looking for wedding planners in the UK, look no further! They’re the perfect complement to our free online tools keeping things simple and stress free.

The value a wedding planner adds is almost impossible to put a price on. They are your physical little black book. From theme and styling suggestions to on the day coordination the right wedding planner will become your friend for life! Likely to be able to get you extra special deals, organise all your suppliers for you and know all the recent industry tips and trends getting a wedding planner involved is well worth it.

A wedding planner typically charges either a flat fee or a percentage of the overall wedding budget. It’s an investment that will give you peace of mind. You’re likely to end up saving in the long run as they help you with your decisions, negotiations and bookings. If you’re sticking to a strict budget and they’re clear on this then you’re more likely to remain on track.

We always recommend that you make sure it’s someone you get along well with. Planning should be fun and you should fell as though you’re planning with a friend. Finally with a wedding planner there on the day to run the show from behind the scenes it means you can really let go and enjoy yourself. By the wedding day they’ll know you and your plans so well that they’ll keep everything running like clockwork.

We couldn’t recommend any of our wedding planners more highly, they’re all lovely and will be happy to help any way they can so get in touch using the contact form on the profiles and find your wedding planning buddy!