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Tips On Wedding Flowers & Florists

There’s no better occasion than a wedding to truly appreciate all the gorgeous blooms nature provides! You’ve chosen your venue and you have a theme so it’s time to start thinking about your wedding flowers and other decorations. If you’re a creative individual or couple then this is your time to shine as there’s enormous scope for creativity and style in this part of the planning process.

While you may not know your posies from your peonies, don’t fear because professional wedding florists are here to help you choose the right flowers for your theme. Plus understanding the best season for specific flowers not only affects your ability to get your hands on your favourites but can also have a big impact on the budget! Expect to spend roughly 6% of your budget on flowers so don't be surprised if you're parting with £1,000-£1,500 overall.

Take advantage of the experts we have selected for you. They have years of experience and will be able to help guide you when understanding which flowers will fit best with your wedding look and which combinations will look fantastic in the photographs. Make your bouquet a priority and always try and reuse your flowers to make the most from them, whether that’s redistributing your ceremony flowers into other rooms at the reception or giving them away as thank you gifts at the end of the day.

Enquire now to our fantastic florists near you and chat to them about any unique or unusual wedding flower ideas you may have for your wedding day. Always worth checking if they accept more than one booking on the same day and if they also provide other decorative items such as vases for centerpieces and table linens. Finally, it’s always worth checking that none of your guests are allergic to the flowers you’re choosing especially if there are lots of one type!

Do not worry too much, picking the flowers is supposed to be one of the more enjoyable parts of the wedding planning process so have some fun!