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Tips On Wedding Marquees

Interested in hiring a marquee or teepee for a wedding? Wedding marquees provide the ultimate blank canvas for you to create your dream day. Temporary and flexible, marquees are great for a one off event. From long to round to L-shaped to pretty much any size and shape you can think of, the interior options provide the chance to stamp your own style on your wedding. If you’re fortunate enough to have a rather large garden, it’s a great way to take advantage of this and have your guests come to your home.

Some things to think about when organizing a marquee wedding. The more level the site, the better the finished marquee will look. While they’re designed to go on grass, don’t rule out having a marquee or tent if the area you have in mind is not a grassy patch.

You may need to factor in the cost of site hire into your budget. If it’s on family land then that’s not a problem but random fields or gardens in stately homes may well charge a site hire fee which could be pricey. Remember you’ll need to factor in the costs of portable loos, generators for electricity, heating and furniture hire. Do not be surprised if you end up spending around £10,000 depending on the size of marquee required. You’re essentially creating a temporary venue.

The beauty of the blank canvas is you can even choose the walls! Whether you want a marquee with traditional, classic fabric or one with the sides rolled up or even a marquee with clear walls, you can have whatever you like. You’ll always be surprised by how spacious they are.

Finally, just like any wedding venue, marquee and tent hire companies are in high demand so get yours booked quickly and this should be the priority on your checklist.