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Weddingplanner.co.uk is the #1 ranked wedding planner site in the UK. Established by Robin Weil who arranged live music for over 1,000 weddings through his Music Agency, WeddingPlanner.co.uk has become the go to platform for couples who are excited for and trying to plan their weddings but who need advice, guidance and support. WeddingPlanner.co.uk is a transparent, easy-to-use, online platform which combines technology, experience and inspiration to save couples time and stress.

With over 1,500 registered suppliers across all the main categories, WeddingPlanner.co.uk is still the only wedding site where couples can view and compare suppliers' prices and availability. Our free planning tools and inspiration blog are packed with tips advice and ideas to help couples plan their dream weddings.

WeddingPlanner.co.uk has been backed by John Lewis after a successful stint in their 2016 JLAB programme. We are delighted to be working with the team at John Lewis as we continue to revolutionise the wedding industry.

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Robin Weil

Rosie Milne
Head of Operations

Sarah Blaikie
Community & Account Manager

Pete Baker
Sales & Account Manager

Lucy Springett
Marketing & Comms Manager

William Kay
Sales & Account Manager

Michael Dent

Stephen Weil


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