Wedding Videographers

Videographers Near Me - Miryana Slivenska
£1,100 - £1,800
per item

Miryana Slivenska

Wedding photography and videography driven by movement, emotion and authentici...

Videographers Near Me - Fuller Production
£1,200 - £5,000

Fuller Production

Fuller Production is a Videography company based in West Midlands specialising...

Videographers Near Me - Morgan James Photography
£1,500 - £2,500

Morgan James Photography

Okay you are only going to want to choose me if, like me you're a little bit c...

Videographers Near Me - Ioana Porav Photographer
£700 - £1,800

Ioana Porav Photographer

Professional team providing wedding photography and videography! Our style is...

Videographers Near Me - Moritz Schmittat Photography
£1,000 - £1,750

Moritz Schmittat Photograp...

A unique combination of wedding photography AND videography.

Videographers Near Me - Shepperson Wedding Films
£1,159 - £2,139

Shepperson Wedding Films

Here at Shepperson Wedding Films we specialise in creating professional, creat...

Videographers Near Me - Cherish Wedding Films
£590 - £690

Cherish Wedding Films

Cherish Wedding Films are a 7-year experienced Wedding Videographers, creating...

Videographers Near Me - dgtl Couture
£1,500 - £3,000

dgtl Couture

We have one simple purpose and that is to make you both look fantastic on your...

Videographers Near Me - Memorable Day Films
£975 - £1,800

Memorable Day Films

We are passionate about creating cinematic Wedding Films that tell the story o...

Videographers Near Me - One Forever Films
£900 - £1,500

One Forever Films

At One Forever Films we are all about capturing one of the best days of your l...

Videographers Near Me - Higgybank Productions
£500 - £1,200

Higgybank Productions

Higgybank have been making wedding videos for many years now and have helped s...

Videographers Near Me - Story Of Your Day
£2,500 - £3,000

Story Of Your Day

Story of Your Day is a woman with a camera, telling YOUR story. We suit couple...

Videographers Near Me - Tony Hailstone Video & Photography
£795 - £2,000
per item

Tony Hailstone Video & Pho...

We are a highly experienced wedding video & photography supplier covering ...

Videographers Near Me - Photo Prestige
£400 - £450
per item

Photo Prestige

Welcome to Photo Prestige. I'm photographer and videographer with many years e...

Videographers Near Me - Amoureux Weddings
£500 - £6,000
per head

Amoureux Weddings

We both believe that everyone should have great photos of their wedding day, a...

Videographers Near Me - Stage 3 Films
£1,500 - £2,500

Stage 3 Films

We tell your story. At Stage 3 Films we want to get to the heart of what makes...

Videographers Near Me - CWM Wedding Films
£1,500 - £2,250
per head

CWM Wedding Films

We are dedicated to producing high quality wedding films with compelling visua...

Videographers Near Me - Chloe Rose Films
£1,250 - £1,500

Chloe Rose Films

In this world of possibilities, wedding film-making has become my language of ...

Videographers Near Me - Wedding Film Studio
£1,500 - £3,500

Wedding Film Studio

Cinematic wedding videos by an acclaimed UK wedding videographer in London, th...

Videographers Near Me - JPG wedding photography
£800 - £2,000
per head

JPG wedding photography

jpg wedding photography offers a fun, emotive and candid reportage and style ...

Videographers Near Me - White Talisman Wedding Videography
£599 - £1,199
per head

White Talisman Wedding Vid...

I get to spend all my time making films. That's what I ever wanted to do. Eac...

Videographers Near Me - Lockhart Wedding Films
£1,500 - £1,800
per head

Lockhart Wedding Films

Lockhart wedding films strive to capture those precious moments on your weddin...

Videographers Near Me - Prestige Video & Photography
£400 - £2,000

Prestige Video & Photograp...

Creative, Reportage, Candid, Contemporary, Modern and Traditional Wedding Phot...

Videographers Near Me - Stuart James Photography
£1,750 - £2,100

Stuart James Photography

Creative documentary wedding photography that captures the true story of the w...

Videographers Near Me - Harvest Creative Media
£1,000 - £5,000

Harvest Creative Media

Wedding photography and videography Gloucestershire

Videographers Near Me - Anet Ana Photography
£350 - £800

Anet Ana Photography

Welcome to Aneta Ana Wedding Photography Female Affordable Wedding Photogra...

Videographers Near Me - Home And Heart Studios
£900 - £6,500
per head

Home And Heart Studios

Hi, I run a cinematic wedding videography company based in London but I also l...

Videographers Near Me - Rapid Image UK LTD
£639 - £1,999

Rapid Image UK LTD

We are full time wedding photographers & videographers and love what we do.

Videographers Near Me - DIGITAL VIDEO
£699 - £2,499
per item


Your Wedding Your Way is more than just a catch phrase, we listen to what you...

Videographers Near Me - HD Moments Wedding Videography
£2,500 - £4,000

HD Moments Wedding Videogr...

Capturing the Love – Every Single Day! HD Moments is a guarantee of the h...

Videographers Near Me - Leah Lombardi
£1,200 - £2,000
per item

Leah Lombardi

I’m relaxed, unobtrusive and love to be like a guest with a camera. I’m th...

Videographers Near Me - Zac Photography
£350 - £2,400

Zac Photography

Experienced wedding photographer with an eye to detail, and a style of story t...

Videographers Near Me - Reel Life Photos
£1,200 - £4,500

Reel Life Photos

Happy female wedding photographer who photographs exciting & multicultural...

Videographers Near Me - Eye and I Video Services
£695 - £845
per head

Eye and I Video Services

Based in South Wales with over 11 years experience in producing wedding videos...

Videographers Near Me - Olive Grove Films
£1,600 - £3,000

Olive Grove Films

Olive Grove Films create beautiful hand crafted Wedding Films across the UK an...

Videographers Near Me - Irene Piera Films
£1,490 - £2,090

Irene Piera Films

Award-winning cinematic wedding films in the UK and beyond.

Videographers Near Me - Wedding Memories
£1,600 - £2,000

Wedding Memories

Emotive, fun and visually stunning wedding films. I'm Alex and I own and run W...

Videographers Near Me - RAD Wedding Videos
£399 - £2,000
per item

RAD Wedding Videos

Our style is rustic, natural, hand held and involved. We shoot on SLR cameras...

Videographers Near Me - Velvet Wedding Studio
£1,100 - £1,900
per head

Velvet Wedding Studio

Velvet Wedding Studio Films offers something different to photographs, you can...

Videographers Near Me - Studio Enso
£1,195 - £2,995

Studio Enso

Nothing speaks louder than high quality, elegant and fun images. Our style of ...

Videographers Near Me - Gray Weddings
£1,350 - £3,750
per item

Gray Weddings

We are a family run wedding photography and videography company based in the n...

About Videographers

One of the most common questions we hear at Wedding Planner is “should I have a wedding videographer?” While this is a decision that you will need to make based on your budget, it’s worth noting that not hiring a videographer tends to be couples’ biggest regret after the wedding. There is nothing quite like a video to capture the emotions of the day and while you may think that the full video is too long, we love a 3-5 minute promo video. Hiring a videographer is likely to be the closest you will get to recreating the day in your own minds and you may see things you didn’t notice on the day.

If you’ve decided that you want a wedding video then we would recommend taking a look at some of the fantastic videographers and their videos above. A few points to note: Always try and pick a videographer who compliments the style of your wedding photography. Lots of photographers provide videography services and it may well be worth asking your photographer for suggestions and recommendations. If you can get a photographer and videographer who are used to working together and already have a great rapport then this will make everyone’s lives easier on the big day.

Most quality wedding videographers will have lots of examples of their work. Before making your final decision make sure you’ve watched several of their wedding videos (ideally all the way through) to ensure that their style fits with what you had in mind. You will also be able to see if they move around lots or tend to remain more static. One style may suit your wedding more than the other.