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Tips On Wedding Videographers

One of the most common questions we hear at Wedding Planner is “should I have a wedding videographer?” While this is a decision that you will need to make based on your budget, it’s worth noting that not hiring a videographer tends to be couples’ biggest regret after the wedding. There is nothing quite like a video to capture the emotions of the day and while you may think that the full video is too long, we love a 3-5 minute promo video. Hiring a videographer is likely to be the closest you will get to recreating the day in your own minds and you may see things you didn’t notice on the day.

If you’ve decided that you want a wedding video then we would recommend taking a look at some of the fantastic videographers and their videos above. A few points to note: Always try and pick a videographer who compliments the style of your wedding photography. Lots of photographers provide videography services and it may well be worth asking your photographer for suggestions and recommendations. If you can get a photographer and videographer who are used to working together and already have a great rapport then this will make everyone’s lives easier on the big day.

Most quality wedding videographers will have lots of examples of their work. Before making your final decision make sure you’ve watched several of their wedding videos (ideally all the way through) to ensure that their style fits with what you had in mind. You will also be able to see if they move around lots or tend to remain more static. One style may suit your wedding more than the other.