Planning 101 10th January 2019

How to save money on your wedding videos

A wedding is a momentous event in anyone’s life. Preserving its memories is necessary and important so that these memories can be cherished for years to come. Beautiful photographs are wonderful on their own, but having a memorable wedding video is undeniably brilliant, too. When celebrating your anniversary after some time, reminiscing about the day through a video will be a little bit more meaningful and nostalgic; it is just like revisiting your own wedding again!

We know that there are more important wedding details to consider, than just the video. But, keep in mind that it is possible to have a great looking wedding video on a budget. Cutting costs does not always result in lower quality. Here are some helpful tips on how to save money on your wedding videos!

Before we move forward with the tips, first we want to establish that taking and editing videos is never easy. Many people assume looks easier than it really is. It does require real skill and we will always recommend at least getting some quotes from a professional wedding videographer before you make a decision. If you are one of these people, you may want to rethink; from the costly video equipment to capturing and editing clips of your special day.

As for the tips on saving the pennies, please read on!

Call a Friend!

If you have friends, or you know people, who do videography well but just do it as a hobby, do not be ashamed in asking them for their help and what their fees might be. These people are open to negotiations and may offer you a great deal video package that will help you save much more money. You can also tell them everything you want to see on your wedding video with no difficulties and big discussions. If they know you well, then it might be easier for them to create the perfect video for you. Do make sure they're doing it because they genuinely want to. There's nothing worse than having bitter friends!

Simplicity is the Key

You can hold back on making your video look too fancy or intricate. Adding more special effects, music, and sounds can often make your video a bit crowded, busy and it may end up being too tiring to watch. Just keep it simple, and let the videographers focus on necessary clips that will make your video even more memorable than you are expecting. Sometimes, these fancy effects will be added into the overall cost because your videographer will spend much more time on editing additional effects like these. Thus, it will make you pay a higher cost! So, better yet, stick to the DVD ready video. Some video effects can look dated quite quickly. Have you ever watched back any edited home videos from your childhood?


Some companies even offer to edit the footage you've filmed. Another great way of saving and getting hold of quality, edited footage.

Fairs and Packages

When planning your wedding, attending fairs is very helpful. You can find great deals and packages with wonderful discounts that are perfect for your big day. Be it your gown, venue, or even suppliers! Anything related to weddings, you’ll find at a wedding fair - even videographers. Most of them offer deals at the fairs in order to make sure they're guaranteeing a return on their own advertising investment. Don't be afraid to haggle at the fair. More and more couples are doing this in order to get their suppliers booked and ticked off and are very successful in their negotiations.


Less Assistants



Depending on the service you choose, paying your videographers can mean that their assistants are also included. This is often true of larger companies offering this service. You may request that your videographer works alone or uses less assistants, so that you can save more from your wedding video budget. You can help them with planning the execution of their video shots, and that will result in not needing too many assistants. Again, do not be ashamed in requesting this because most videographers know this already. So, relax and ask anyway! While there are always benefits to a "second shooter", this is a great way to save on the price.


Film Students or Recent Graduates 


Because, why not? Roam around your city or town and find talented film students or recent graduates from a nearby college or university. Some will be advertising on websites like gumtree or in local Facebook groups. These students already have the equipment and are very eager to develop their passion. They also have the talent and skills to capture the greatest day of your lives. You can ask for their previous work for a little background check to see if they can handle your wedding day. Students tend to ask for much lower fees. You can negotiate with them and save a lot more money that you can put to good use on other parts of your wedding.



The average specnd of couples on their wedding video is roughly £1,000. The vast majority of couples who have a wedding video are really glad they chose to go for it so whether you're hiring a professional or trying to do it yourself, hopefully we've convinced you that it's a must for the big day!