Planning 101 9th November 2018

Why Choose A Bespoke Wedding Dress?


To celebrate the launch of our new wedding dress section, we asked the wonderful Caroline Arthur to write a feature just for us on why you should choose a bespoke wedding dress.

After weeks of trying on wedding dresses, you just can’t find The One.

You’ve been squeezed or clamped into dress after dress that didn’t fit, whilst your nearest and dearest commentate on what they each think you should wear. Maybe you like the top of one gown, but the skirt of another. You may love one fabric, but detest another. Or you might not like anything you’ve seen.

And then someone asks you “...Have you thought about having your dress custom made?”

Caroline Arthur designing wedding dress

Perhaps you can visualise how you would like to look on your wedding day, and the suggestion of having something made for you prompts you to re-visit all the fragments of images you’ve been Pinning for weeks. You feel a weight lifting  as you start to google “Bespoke wedding dressmaker”, and you realise you DON’T need to settle, you CAN have exactly what you want. No-one else will have the same gown as you. Your own vision is totally unique, and this really can be brought to life - beautifully made in your choice of fabric, with exquisite attention to detail.

Caroline Arthur bridalwear materials

But then suddenly a little voice at the back of your mind starts whispering “...But I’m losing weight and the wedding isn’t for another 6 months... And also, there was this other dress I’ve been thinking about so now I’m not sure...”

Every bespoke wedding dress is made from a fabric toile, which is a real-life prototype of the sketch which your dressmaker will draw for you. This means you won’t get to the end and think “I don’t like it”. To prevent this, you try on your “mock-up” ,to help you visualise how the gown will look and feel, and so you can make changes to the design before committing to any details.

Caroline Arthur bridalwear fitting

And remember, if you’re really undecided, it may be because one style isn’t better than another, it’s just different. Ultimately, this is an opportunity to reflect your taste and personality...not just what’s on trend at the moment. To enjoy your wedding day, you need to feel relaxed and confident, but mostly, you need to feel like you.

Many brides find their weight fluctuates, intentionally or not, and all dressmakers are experts at ensuring that the fit is beautiful. If this means making adjustments just before your wedding, then we can do this. Mostly, we advise trying to reach your target weight 3 months before the wedding if you can, but this is more to avoid stress for you. The pre-wedding weeks are usually very busy, and there is real peace of mind of knowing your perfect dress is finished and hanging quietly at home, ready and waiting to let you shine on your wedding day.

Caroline Arthur wedding dress designer

Caroline Arthur is a bespoke bridal gown maker and designer, with boutiques in London and Surrey. You can visit her website here.

Photography credit - Alexander J Collins

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Caroline Arthur designer bespoke wedding dresses