Planning 101 3rd June 2015

Accessories Top Trend - All Things Antique!

2014 was a big year for all things vintage; from crystal drop earrings to traditional tiaras.  Following on from this in 2015 is the antique look. We have seen a huge increase in brides looking for jewellery and headpieces for their wedding day that look old, like a family heirloom, carefully preserved for generations. Unfortunately most of us don't have access to the perfect antique jewellery and finding that special antique purchase can be time consuming and costly. Luckily due to the materials that are now available, this look can still be achieved but for a fraction of the cost associated with an antique piece.  Here are my top tips to achieving the antique look on your wedding day.


The first and most important point to address is materials. If you are wanting to achieve an authentic antique look, go for duller metals. If you are opting for silver accessories, choose a metal within the grey hues, such as rhodium. Rhodium is a fantastic metal as it is in the platinum family of precious metals, making it strong and durable. It has a greyer appearance than either white gold or silver, which lends itself well to vintage and antique themed weddings. If you would prefer your accessories in gold, avoid modern and contemporary pieces and instead focus on items that reflect the look of the particular era you are trying to recreate.


Traditionally made pieces, such as vintage tiaras, are made using techniques that have been in use for centuries. For a truly antique look, opt for forged tiaras, with stones set into the metals. For inspiration on this style think crown jewels! Avoid contemporary hand made wired pieces as these techniques were not in practice years ago. The great thing about antique style pieces is that they never date; meaning an antique costume jewellery piece purchased today can be kept to pass on to future generations. When choosing your accessories consider any detailing in your dress and try to keep a common theme. Dresses with pearls look fantastic with pearl accessories, if you have opted for a vintage dress with seed beads, a vintage side headpiece with beading on organza would compliment beautifully whilst dresses adorned with embellishment lend themselves perfectly to the grandest of vintage tiaras.


Do you have an era in mind that you wish to capture, either in your bridal outfit or your wedding day itself? Then do some research. Internet based image sharing websites are a fantastic place to start; set up your own folders and collect images that give off the feel you are trying to recreate; whether it be a specific era or a specific style from years gone by. This is a great way to help shape what it is you are really hoping to achieve and even if this doesn't give you any definitive answers, it will help eliminate what you don't like. Brides have never had so much freedom in choice, so its always a good idea to gain a feel for the trends of the times that you are most interested in and search for those features replicated in the current bridal market; whatever you are looking for is out there!


Traditional venues lend themselves perfectly to an antique look; stately homes and church weddings compliment the vintage feel as the surroundings are steeped in history and are testament to the quality of workmanship prevalent hundreds of years ago. Look to mirror this in any piece you choose; intricate details and traditional constructions will make your accessories look more expensive. If in doubt of exactly what will give the antique feel to your day, think royalty; the royal family have worn the crown jewels for hundreds of years. These exceptional pieces are the epitome of antique so look no further for inspiration.


Whether you opt for crystals or pearls, expanding those elements to encompass your bridesmaids can help bring an antique theme together. Focus on an element of your own accessories and carry this element on into the bridesmaids accessories if at all possible; if you choose a full string of antique looking pearls for yourself, consider pearl studs for your bridesmaids to compliment your look. If you have chosen gold, consider putting the bridesmaids in gold accessories too. It is advisable to stick to a theme. This will avoid confusion and remove the risk of devaluing your look.

Good luck finding the perfect vintage style pieces to rock the antique look!