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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Your Bridal Party

Top 10 Gift Ideas for your Bridal Party by Wedding-gifts Online

With all the planning, researching and decision-making involved in your big day, picking thoughtful and appropriate thank you presents for your bridal party can often fall way down the list of ‘things to do’ until the very last minute. Get ahead of the game and take some inspiration from these ten top ideas for thank you gifts they’ll treasure forever. 1. Bridesmaids’ Jewellery An old-fashioned way to thank your ladies, is to present them with jewellery that will go with their dresses, for them to keep and treasure forever. Match your colour schemes with a necklace and earring set in sapphire, amethyst or ruby coloured teardrop stones.

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2. Socks Kitting your boys out in matching socks (perhaps brightly coloured or personalised) ties the group together aesthetically as well as offering fun opportunities for group photos. This is especially fun if page boys and fathers of the bride and groom are included! 3. Flower Girl Charm Bracelet For your little bridesmaids or flower girls it’s always nice to arrange a thank you gift for them that they can appreciate when they’re a bit older – especially if they’re really little. A charm bracelet is a sweet idea, and you could opt for the grown-ups version for your adult bridesmaids too.
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4. Father of the Bride and Groom Tankards A useful, lasting gift with a good dollop of novelty value to boot. Presenting the dads with their tankard during the thank you section of your speeches means they’ll get plenty of use out of their special drinking glass straight away! 5. Personalised Hangers Get smart wooden clothes hangers carved with the date of your wedding and the names of each member of your bridal party, plus any other message you’d like to include. A practical gift too, of course – they can hang their outfits on them before it’s time to get changed. 6. Ushers’ Hip Flasks Similar to the above, hip flasks make an enduring memento for each member of your team, as well as a fun prop for wedding photos if you fancy something light-hearted. Just make sure you only hand them out once all ushers’ duties have been successfully completed…
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Available at Wedding Gifts Online
7. Lipstick If you fancy giving the bride a girly little something to open on the wedding morning, this ‘I Do’ lipstick is a lovely idea – and a useful reminder of those vital two words when the time comes! These also come with the message ‘Just Married’ and ‘Blushing Bride’, amongst others. 8. Engraved Trinket Box Personalised with the date of your nuptials and the role of your recipient – Mother of the Bride, for example – a little jewellery or trinket box is a fitting memento of your big day that mothers of the bride or mothers of the groom will cherish always.
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9. Make Up Bag It’s always special to receive a personalised gift, and a make-up bag with the name of your Maid of Honour on it, for example, shows plenty of time and thought has gone into your thank you. Why not go all out and fill your make-up bags with essentials for the day like lip gloss, a mini hairspray, hair clips and a packet of tissues too..? 10. Say it with Chocolates… Send your beloved a box of chocolates on your wedding morning with a personalised message on the front. It feels great to know you’ve thanked the members of your bridal party – your team – fittingly for all the love and support they’ve shown you in the lead up to your special day. Have fun choosing what you’ll honour them with – a little thought really speaks volumes.