Planning 101 26th March 2014

What World Of Wedmin Is All About


Bride and groom?

World Of Wedmin offers brides and grooms the 21st century approach to finding and booking their dream wedding suppliers. What's more, it's totally FREE!

We are the only site in the UK which allows wedding couples to find and compare suppliers, not just by location, but also by availability, prices and reviews! This saves you a lot of time contacting suppliers who turn out to be unavailable, don’t cover your area, or are simply out of your budget.

Acting as your online personal wedding assistant, World of Wedmin puts you in touch directly with the suppliers you select, making introductions and launching you on your Wedmin journey!

If you're a fan of our efficiency, then download our super slick Wedmin tools to keep your planning stress free!

Awesome Supplier?

You have nothing to lose! We believe you should only pay for what you receive. As opposed to other directories where you pay monthly/annual subscriptions for an unknown return on investment, or pay for leads where you contact the wedding couple having been told they are interested in your services. World of Wedmin allows you to build a profile for virtually free (25p!) and then only pay for genuine enquiries you receive. Thanks to our unique search capability to select location, availability and start prices, you will only receive enquiries from couples with a genuine request, thus resulting in a higher conversion rate! Yippee! We estimate a conversion rate of at least 1 in 4 enquiries into a booking. You can set your weekly enquiry limit and if you don’t feel that the enquiries you receive are genuine, then say so and you will not be charged!

We aim to be as transparent and helpful as possible in hooking you up with your fabulous brides & grooms to-be, so give it a try! If you feel it's not quite right for you, you can close your account at any time. Click here for more information on creating your profile