Planning 101 5th June 2015

The Best Flowers for Your Summer Wedding!

If there’s one reason to have a summer wedding, apart from the weather, it’s for the flowers. The emergence of eye-catching colours and contrasting textures provides you with endless opportunities for stunning floral arrangements on your big day. Summer also means scent, so you have the chance to incorporate some wonderful fragrances that will give your wedding that extra special touch.

Summertime blooms are extremely versatile and can easily be tailored to suit your chosen theme and colour scheme, whether it’s cream and blush for a classic romantic look or something more vibrant and contemporary. Here are some of my favourite flowers for summer 2015:


At the top of my list are Peonies. With their sweet fragrance and extravagantly ruffled blooms, they not only create a luxurious feel, but can also add texture and depth to an arrangement. A little can go a long way with these large flowers which can be great if you’re on a budget but still want to create a sense of opulence. I think lemon peonies are gorgeous and add a subtle hint of colour for a mellow summertime look.


As the most popular choice for wedding flowers, roses are returning in full force for summer 2015. Creating an everlasting classic and elegant style that will look just as fabulous in your wedding photos in years to come. Go simple with a single rose for a buttonhole or create something more sumptuous with an elaborate bouquet. Avalanche and bombastic spray roses are both perfect for weddings.

If you’re feeling adventurous, it’s time to embrace the flower crown; a floral must-have for summer brides this year. Roses are ideal to create a fuller crown for a natural yet romantic headpiece.

Sweet peas

Who can resist their heavenly scent? Another wedding favourite, their natural perfume, delicate petals and light, fluffy texture add a touch of femininity to any bouquet. Their butterfly-like petals make sweet peas look lovely on their own in varying shades such as cerise pink, lilac, and burgundy or scattered amongst other summer blossoms such as peonies and roses.


Dahlias are the perfect variety for a stunning summer wedding flower, with their large frills creating a truly show-stopping display. From more typical bridal tones such as blush, ivory and champagne to deeper hues of burgundy and copper, their wide colour range makes them a popular choice for wedding flowers as they can fit with almost any colour scheme. I adore the Café au Lait dahlias, their soft neutral shade makes them an excellent choice for weddings.