Planning 101 11th December 2014

Wedding Cake Ideas: Top Trends for 2015


A Little Look Forward to 2015's Wedding Cake Ideas

Your wedding cake (or not cake, as the case may be) makes a fabulous central focal point for your wedding reception, and can really pull a theme together. Rather than have a plain,boring icing and ribbon draped cake propped in a corner and forgotten after the cutting, put it slap bang in the middle of the room, or at the entrance, or somewhere it can be admired, and take one of these funky 2015 trends to give it some pizazz!

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1. Textured Cakes (aka NOT fondant icing)

For the last decade beautifully smooth, shiny fondant icing has been the cake cover of choice of couples in the UK and the US. Now for the hundreds of people out there who always tear the icing off their cake and don't eat it, we have good news! 80s trends such as the buttercream wedding cake are on the up! They create beautiful textured patterns, and are far less fiddly for your cake maker, win win!

2. Geometric Cakes

This trend started a little while back, but is still going strong for 2015. If you're having a modern, fun wedding, this could be the style for you!


3. Above and Beyond

Getting wordy with your cake topper is such a 2015 take on the traditional figurines. Have your names, your surname, a quote, a cake reference.. whatever you like really! There are plenty fabulous ones for sale on sites like Etsy :)

4. Sequins

Last year we had metallics, now we're all about the sequins! Beware: your cake could end up looking like a 90s Tammy Girl has thrown up on it, so avoid bright disco colours and stick to soft metallic colours and muted tones.

5. Regal

Whilst the trend for rustic, relaxed weddings was huge last year, and definitely continues, there's a growing appetite for more regal wedding cakes with intricate sugar work, especially with understated muted colours like this French regency looking beauty.

6. Humble Pie (but actually cake)

For those who are shying away from the extravagant wedding celebration, and having an intimate, informal celebration of love, this is PERFECT. You can even make it yourself... maybe.



7. Not Cake

The stack of cheeses grew in popularity throughout 2014, and is such a great idea if you're not actually big cake fans. Personally, pork pie wedding cake goes high on my list, but other dessert cakes work well too! Fruit pie tower anyone?

8. Ruffles

Go dramatic with some opulent ruffles. Can't hack the full whack? Opt for ruffles on just one layer of the cake, it will be easier to cut this way anyway.


9. Chalkboard Cakes

A very new trend for 2015, which has now crept from interior design, to wedding design, and now to cake! It's such a fun and unique way to decorate your cake.

10.Hand Painted 

Get artistic and add your personal stamp with a hand painted cake. Obviously, you need to be pretty handy with a paintbrush if you're planning to do this yourself, but even getting your cake maker to do it means you can have huge input in the design.