Planning 101 29th March 2017

10 Pre-Wedding Activities to Help Ditch the Stress

If you're feeling frazzled on the lead up to your big day, you are most definitely not alone. There is no doubt that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful events you may have to put together so it makes total sense that every once in a while you need to take a step back and essentially, chill the hell out. So we've put together a list of some activities that are guaranteed to get you zen - some may evn begin to wonder if you're actually planning a wedding?! (maybe....) 

So read on and why not give some of them ago, we promise you will not regret it. 

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1. Get Outside

Ah, sometimes there's nothing better than wonderful fresh air to clear your head and help you realise the things that matter in life. Take a stroll in the countryside or in your local park - we love a bit of people watching as a way to check out of your own life, just for a little while. Treat yourself to a hot choc or a burst of caffeine, grab a magazine or a book, a good pal or the dog and just chill - we guarantee it will do you the world of good. 

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2. Indulge in a Pamper or a Spa Day

"I find pampering and spas so stressful and unrelaxing " - said no one ever. Sometimes when the going gets tough, this is all you need to set your mind at ease and truly relax.

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 3. Go on a date (and ban wedding chat!)

In all the wedding chat waffle, you can often lose sight of what this is all about - you marrying the very person you love the most. So turn this period of time into a bit of a pre-honeymoon phase and value the time you spend with your husband to be. Organise a date night that you know you'll both love and just catch up and most importantly - ban the wedding chat, just for one night. If will help you put everything into perspective and help you realise there's other stuff outside of the wedding bubble. 


wedding, wedding tips, wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding inspiration

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4. Have a digital detox

During all the wedding planning process, you'll probably find yourself glued to some form of screen between work during the day and then wedding prep at home. Plus with weddings becoming increasingly more digital and people often deciding to RSVP via text rather than the premade, prestamped card you lovingly designed and sent them months ago (ahem), it's pretty hard to switch off. But just for one night each week perhaps, try to. We love the idea of a 'blackout' night, where you and your other half put all phones and computers away and just limit yourself to films, books, board games and oh yeah, each others company! It can seem a bit odd at first but trust us, you'll love the uninterrupted quality time. 

5. Keep a Balanced Diet 

Some stress can often be perpetuated by having too much or too little of something in your diet. In the lead up to your wedding, it's important you're staying healthy and eating enough of everything. Make sure you're eating at least 5 fruit and veg a day (preferably more vegetables than fruit) and that you are getting the correct amount from each food group. A good way to do this is to ensure you're sticking to this as a routine throughout the weekdays and then at the weekend let yourself induldge a little - if you're anything like us in the Wedding Planner office, we all like our treats, biscuits and takeaways every once in a while so it's a good idea to reserve these for weekends. 

pouring champagne out a bottle 6. Have a friends night 

Just as much as a wedding is a celebration of the love you have as a couple, it is also all about the love you have for your friends and family. There's no doubt that sometimes when you need to take your mind off things, getting together with all your good friends is the best thing for it. To minimise any stress of organising, get your pals round and have everyone bring a dish and some vino and just let the giggles ensue.

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7. Have a lazy weekend

If you can, try to book out at least one weekend to just be LAZY. Yes I know, we said it - we give you full permission to just go ahead and do essentially, nothing. In the busy lives we lead (especially when wedding planning is thrown in the mix too), kicking back and doing nothing can often seem a bit frowned upon. But we say take this time to do exactly what you like, have a long lie in, potter around the house, watch that film you've been meaning to see for ages, grab a takeaway. Although you may have a mini freak out by not being the super productive bride you feel you should be, this time will do you some good. 

8. Get Zen

There's a reason why mindfulness is such a big deal right now and we really encourage you to get involved in it on the lead up to your wedding. The best thing about it is, you don't even need to leave the house to get your zen on and it's all totally free. Download a mindfulness meditation app such as 'Headspace' or subscribe to a YouTube channel such as 'Yoga With Adriene' and try and include it in your everyday routine where you can. 

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9. Write down your thoughts

Sometimes even when you're trying to switch off and do some of the things suggested above, you'll still have a little wedding voice chatting away in your head that just won't go away. For moments like these, we recommend carrying a notepad around with you or writing down those thoughts in your notes section of your phone. Then at least you've got it out of your head for the time being and you can return to that thought when you are intentionally sitting down to do wedding planning. 

10. Have an evening dedicated to YOU

Everyone has their ideal kind of evening and has a good idea of what sort of ingredients that might involve. For some it may be a takeaway and a boxset, for others it might be cocktails and a night out until the late AM. Have a think about what fail-safe things always make you happy and have an evening dedicated to YOU.