Planning 101 9th October 2015

"Let No Bathroom Be Un-Sniffed"- Sniffy Wiffy Wedding Favours

Today on the blog we have the absolute pleasure of introducing inspiring company Sniffy Wiffy! I absolutely LOVE everything this brand stands for, and am more than a little bit excited that you can now include their beautiful products and important message in your wedding! So now, without further ado, allow me to hand over to Sniffy Wiffy's very own Sarah, to tell you all about it... 

Sniffy Wiffy is a small, family run company with a big mission….  


Their mission is to increase the number of ladies and gents who know about – and self-check for – the signs and symptoms of breast and testicular cancer.


We have all heard about breast and testicular cancer – we all know the risks are very real and we probably all know someone affected – but, hand on heart, do we all know exactly how to check ourselves for possible early (vital) signs?  Even if we do know how, do we all remember to do so?


When Sniffy Wiffy heard that a really sensible time to perform a breast and/or testicular check is when skin is slightly slippery, such as while applying body lotion, they had the bright idea to put this all-important know-how on tubs of body lotions and scrubs – products which they make themselves using a maximum of only 5 main ingredients. 

Sniffy Wiffy recognise that while these checking labels are unique, innovative and potentially life-saving, they may not be appropriate for everyone – for example those currently battling cancer.  Therefore, not only is the option there to go label-free but they have expanded their range to include products whose size does not allow for these checking labels – such as hand creams and bath & massage oils. 

However, as Sniffy Wiffy operate as a Social Enterprise (a company that exists to benefit society in some way), they donate to charity from each and every product sold – checking label or otherwise.  So, whatever you buy, you can rest assured that good deeds are being done.

Wedding Favours & Bridesmaid Gifts

Sniffy Wiffy offer a range of wedding favours to add a unique and charitable twist to your special day.  They strive to not only work with your colour scheme but also your budget.  They can also incorporate guests’ names into the wedding favour packaging, thereby saving you the job of worrying about place settings. 

The company invite you to select which product or products you would like from their range and choose a fragrance or two, or indeed a whole range of fragrances so that each guest gets something a little different.  All products are offered in a choice of 28 different fragrances (as well as the option to go fragrance free) so the choice is yours! 

Each bride and groom is invited to select their charity of choice for Sniffy Wiffy to donate to from the sale of wedding favours, bridesmaid gifts, gifts for mothers of the bride and groom…anything wedding-related!

In addition, all guests will be offered a unique discount code – this could be the date of your wedding or ‘Mr & Mrs…’ – which they are entitled to use on all purchases at on an unlimited basis.

Brand Ambassadors

If you like the sound of Sniffy Wiffy and would like to join them in their mission, they are currently signing up a nationwide network of Brand Ambassadors to showcase and sell the range to friends, family and their local area on a commission and ‘points for perks’ basis. 

Brand Ambassadors can designate a charity for Sniffy Wiffy to donate to from all of the sales that they generate – this could be a cancer –related charity or otherwise.  In this way, the company is able to help you raise funds for any charity that you may hold close to your heart and in the meantime, you will be working wonders for raising breast and testicular cancer awareness as well as earning money on a totally flexible basis.