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Everything You Need In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life but little hiccups are bound to occur that could cause you to worry or stress out. Wedding day survival kits are a fab way to tackle any hiccups and iron out any issues before they become a problem! From beauty, to the dress, to “just in case” essentials it can be a wedding day saver if you come prepared with one of these kits. It’s usually a job for the maid of honour or a bridesmaid to keep the kit on them or readily available so that the bride has access to it should she require so. Affordable and easy to put together, we’ve created an expert tick list of all the items you will definitely want to consider putting in your wedding day survival kit just in case any annoying hiccups do occur.  

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The “just in case” essentials are usually the most important to remember to pack. This is because odds are you’ll need them when you least expect it (and you’ll be really wishing you’d remembered to bring them). Luckily for you, we’ve listed them all here for you to tick off as you prepare!

Gum – On your big day the last thing you want to feel like when saying your vows or greeting your guests is that you have bad breath. Gum is the quickest and easiest solution to this problem! Plus, even if you perfectly polished your pearly whites on the day, one of your bridesmaids is bound to be after some freshening up and gum will almost certainly be appreciated. 

Bottle of Water – It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and forget to stay hydrated. It’s likely to be a really exciting but long day so to prevent any headaches make sure you pack a bottle of water to stay refreshed throughout the event. This can also come in handy if you want a quick sip of water to stay calm and keep pre-ceremony nerves at bay! 

Cereal Bars – Just as important as staying hydrated is eating and staying energised! Pack a few cereal bars (or another easy snack of your choice) that are quick and effortless so that you remain fed and don’t end up feeling dizzy or hangry (so hungry that you’re angry) on the big day. 

Mints – Again to guarantee good breath, pack some mints just in case you want some freshening up that doesn’t require the chewing/finding of a bin that gum does! 

Energy Drinks – Perhaps you were so excited you didn’t get a full night’s sleep? Or you’ve exhausted yourself making sure the day goes perfectly? Sometimes nothing else but caffeine can come to the rescue! Make sure you pack a few bottles of energy drinks just in case you or one of your bridesmaid’s starts feeling those zzz’s on the big day.

Plasters – It’s a good idea to pack a few plasters just in case you or one of your bridesmaids needs patched up during the day. 

Friction Stick or Blister Pads – Similar to plasters, bring blister prevention to make sure yourself or one of your bridesmaids can enjoy the whole day and isn’t left limping around the room!

Pain Killers - Just in case any headaches pop up that need to be quickly put down! Over the counter paracetamol is a good bet for taming any issues that could arise on the big day.

Earring Backs – Imagine this, you’ve spent hours picking out the perfect (and maybe very expensive) earrings to match your wedding day outfit but suddenly in the chaos of everyone getting ready you realise you’ve lost the back of them. Nightmare. Pack some extra earing backs to avoid any beautiful earrings going to waste! You might be surprised how useful they can be. 

Phone Charger – This one’s pretty self-explanatory but your phone is probably the main way everyone from the bridal party, guests, and suppliers can stay in contact with you during the day if anyone runs off to complete errands or so forth. You can also use it to take any pictures the photographer won’t be around for. You don’t realise how much you use your phone until you can’t use it anymore…so bring charger!

Baby Powder – Baby powder is a life saver if your nerves are out in full swing and causing some nervous sweating or even if it’s just really warm in your dress. The powder will stop any uncomfortable rubbing or chafing, especially if you’re wearing a beaded bodice. 

Tampons – Mother-nature sometimes does what she wants - even on your wedding day - so it’s always handy to carry a few of these. Even if you don’t need one odds are someone else will!

Dental Floss – Pack some dental floss just in case you get something caught in your teeth that could either be very uncomfortable or potentially picture ruining! This one is super cheap and easy to source so it should definitely make it into your wedding day survival kit.

Hair Bobbles – Extra hair bobbles may come in handy if your hairstyle requires them or if you want to tie your hair up on the dance floor. Everyone knows how easy it is to lose or snap them so having a few on hand can be really useful.  

Tissues – Emotions running high? If you’re likely to tear up on your big day then definitely pack some tissues (maybe a lot of them) to help keep you composed. 

Cash – Maybe the one thing you want just before you walk down the aisle is a coke from the vending machine in the hallway. Better carry some cash just in case! 

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If you’ve spent months planning your big day and your outfit then you’ll definitely want to look perfect.  Adding these beauty pieces to your wedding day survival kit is a great way to make sure your look stays intact all day long…

Bobby Pins – Your wedding day is no place for loose ends and that applies to your hair too! Extra bobby pins will almost definitely come in useful and will help keep your hair under control if needed. 

Cotton Pads and Buds – For those little make up smudges that threaten your overall look back some cotton pads and cotton buds to wipe them away quickly and neatly.

Oil Blotting Sheets – Oil blotting sheets are quite frankly amazing when it comes to removing extra shine but not smudging your make up. They’re cheap and easy to use and they will keep you looking picture perfect all day. 

Lip Balm – Again, lip balm will be your best friend when it comes to keeping your lips looking fab all day long regardless of what you’re eating, how much talking you’re doing, or what the weather is like. 

Deodorant – One of the last things you want to worry about is body odour on your special. However, nerves, excitement, and the busyness of the day are quite likely to result in some unwanted perspiration. To stay smelling fresh then make sure to pack some deodorant in your wedding day survival kit. 

Tweezers – You never know if you’ll have a pesky eyebrow hair that needs dealt with or a fake eyelash that needs stuck down; tweezers can come in really handy so it’s a good idea to have a pair with you just in case.

Lip Stick – Lipstick top ups are inevitable so bring a spare lipstick in the colour of your choice just in case you lose your one or need one that’s easily accessible.  Being photo ready at all times is a priority after all. 

Powder – A bit like oil blotting papers, compressed powder is a shine tackling hero and for that reason definitely deserves to be included in your wedding day survival kit. 

Comb - It’s a good idea to pack a comb for those moments when your hair just won’t behave. A comb won’t take up much space in your kit and will definitely help you to keep your hair looking perfect. 

Eye Drops - If tears are likely on your big day or it’s an outside event and the weather may irritate your eyes then you should definitely bring along some eye drops to help keep your eyes hydrated and looking their best. 

Nail Varnish - Avoid unsightly chips on your nail varnish by bringing along an extra bottle. A great tip would be to bring along a fast drying top coat so that you can get back to using your hands as quickly as possible. 

Hairspray – Keeping everything in place is a full time job so pack some hairspray in your wedding day survival kit to keep your hair topped up and looking flawless all day long. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can go through it and how many members of the bridal party may need it so a top tip would be to pack two bottles just in case. 

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Last but not least, these items might be more than helpful on your big day if you have any hiccups or issues with your dress…

Chalk – White chalk is the best kept secret when it comes to hiding any marks or stains on your dress that you just can’t get rid of. Liberally covering the mark with the chalk will do a really good job at camouflaging it so that your dress will still look perfect.  

Sewing Kit – Any snags or tears could be a recipe for disaster on your big day.  However, a simple needle and thread may be the answer to your prayers. Make sure to pack a mini sewing kit just in case you have a dress disaster that needs fixed quickly. 

Hem Tape – If the hem of your dress snags or falls it could cause a headache when it comes to wedding pictures and looking your best. Although hem tape may not make the most durable hem it will definitely last all day if you need to use it as an emergency on your wedding day. For that reason, pack it!

Stain Remover – If chalk won’t cover it or you need to act quickly to get a stain out then you’ll be so relieved that you brought some stain remover with you in your wedding day survival kit. A great idea would be to pack a stain remover pen as they are lightweight and won’t take up much space in your kit. 

Lint Roller – For those pesky fibres and crumbs that just won’t wipe off! Pack a lint roller to keep your dress and those of your bridesmaids looking fresh and tidy. You’ll be amazed at the difference they can make to the appearance of your wedding day outfits.  

Scissors – Finally, just in case any snags or loose threads persist it might be a good idea to bring some scissors to cut or trim anything. Other situations may also arise with clothes tags or accessories that may require a pair of scissors so it’s always a good idea to keep some in your wedding day survival kit.

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There you have it, a wedding day survival kit that may save the day if anything goes wrong! As every wedding is different feel free to leave things out or add extra bits and bobs. At the end of the day even if you don’t really use it at least you’ll have peace of mind that you can defeat any problems that may come your way.  As always, the main thing is to relax and enjoy your special day! 

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