Planning 101 30th October 2013

Wedding Rings - Everything You Need to Know!

Exchanging wedding rings is a custom dating back to the Ancient Egyptians when the gold band symbolised eternal, unbroken love. Nowadays the same idea applies, but there is a lot more choice!

Different types of wedding ring:

Yellow gold wedding rings:

This type of ring is a traditional choice and you could get one in the following carat- 9, 14, 18 and 24. 24k is the purest gold and will be the most pigmented, however it is also the softest variety and most ring specialists would generally not recommend this for wedding bands.14k and 18k gold rings make a much more durable wedding ring!

Platinum wedding rings:

A silvery, white metal with superb strength! It coordinates well with engagement rings using platinum settings. It costs more than a gold ring but will last you a lifetime!

White gold wedding rings:

This will compliment any platinum or silver jewellery you already own but be careful when choosing this type of ring as the colour plating the ring may fade in time.

Titanium wedding rings:

This is a more modern choice of wedding ring and starts off as a silvery, grey colour. It is the hardest, natural metal and is extremely lightweight. It is hypoallergenic and the wide range of different looks and colours that can be created gives it uniqueness, surpassing other metals. It can be inlaid with precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum. However, they normally cannot be resized but can be carved to a design without losing it’s strength!

Considerations when choosing your ring:

Can you wear your wedding ring at work?

If involved in manual labour, will it stand up to it?

Will you be wearing your ring whilst involved in sport?

When choosing your wedding rings resist being swayed by fashion as you don’t want it to become dated.

Allow at least three weeks for rings to be engraved and forget superstition; try them on to make sure they fit!

Tips from Wedding Planner:

To get the right fit always try on wedding rings when your hands are cold.

It is easier to put on your wedding rings if your finger is slightly bent!

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