Planning 101 24th August 2017

Wedding Roles: The Mother of the Bride

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It’s happened, your little girl is getting married! Being mother of the bride is one of the most exciting roles within the wedding experience. However, it’s definitely one that comes with lots of responsibilities! To lend a guiding hand, we’ve compiled an expert list of 10 jobs that the mother of the bride can do to make sure the big day goes perfectly…

1. Congratulations! They’re engaged! It’s time to get the word out.  One of the first responsibilities as mother of the bride is to make the engagement announcement to the local and national press.  


2. Mum knows best! It’s often quite common for the bride to put her mum down as one of the first points of contact for suppliers and the venue. This is useful for staying organised and taking some of the stress off the bride planning the wedding. 


3. With a vision in mind and tissues at the ready, one of the most special and exciting roles of mother of the bride is helping the bride choose her wedding dress. In this role it’s important to be honest, open minded, and supportive. In addition, helping to pick the bridesmaids dresses falls into this category and offers fun opportunity to be creative! It’s also tradition for the mother of the bride to pick her dress before the mother of the groom in order to prevent a clash and so that their dresses can complement each other. 


4. Your mum got married wearing the same diamond necklace that you wore on your big day? Pass it on to your daughter! Mother of the bride plays a major role in researching family traditions and heirlooms to incorporate on the big day! Doing so can help make the couples wedding day extra personal and special.  


5. Making new relationships that will last a lifetime! Top wedding planners often recommend that the mother of the bride organises a dinner for both families or an afternoon tea for the women of the families prior to the wedding. This provides a fantastic opportunity for both groups to get to know each other, share ideas, and forge happy relationships for the future!


6. The hostess with the mostest! The mother of the bride traditionally takes on the role of hostess on the big day. This involves making sure those invited have somewhere to stay, greeting guests at the ceremony and reception, and being a source of assistance for all those attending. 


7. It’s happening! On the big day, a treasured and time honoured tradition of the mother of the bride is helping the bride into her wedding dress and placing her veil on. Enjoy this once in a lifetime moment!


8. Here comes the bride! The mother of the bride can escort the bride down the aisle if the bride’s father isn’t planning it or if it’s tradition to do so! For example, in Jewish weddings both parents escort the bride. 


9. Time to twirl! Traditionally, the mother and father of the bride dance the second dance. It’s also tradition for the mother of the bride to schedule in a dance with the groom as the first dance sequence begins. 


10. Last but certainly not least, the most important role of the mother of the bride is to be a source of valuable advice, the bride’s biggest cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, and to have endless fun in the run up and throughout the big day! This is a special time, enjoy it!