Planning 101 6th February 2014

Delightful Wedding Favours in the Perfect Colours for 2014

Once again a fresh new start to another year shows excellent promise for many couples to begin plans for their marriage, arranging their big day that will begin the rest of their lives together. 2014 is set to be a hugely anticipated year for soon to be brides and grooms as they join together in Holy Matrimony and as always there are many new fashions that are already becoming well established as the big trends for this year, ranging from colour schemes to revivals of themes that are the chic and stylish to offer many that dream wedding day backdrop.

So, as many begin their preparations there is much to begin considering, obvious factors such as the wedding venue, the church and of course the bride’s dress, groom’s top hat and tails and then the attire for both bridesmaids, best man and any other members of the wedding entourage who will assist you on your special day. In addition there are a multitude of additional services to consider and organise such as wedding cars, catering and entertainment too.

So far, the list is extensive but there really is so much to arrange, even factors such as coordinating your wedding day venue colours to match your wishes and favourite colour choices. Here is where you really want to be comfortable with the colours that you want to include, colours that define you and that coordinate together to offer a wonderful result. Highly fashionable hues and colour shades are to be making the top of the bill this year, originating from the Pantone Colour Range, which for over 50 years has served as the definitive colour chart for designers and industries the world over.

Offering some spectacular colour choices to offer inspiration and great ideas for those planning their wedding day this year, there is a fresh mixture to really encourage your creativity and design ideas, from dazzling blue to radiant orchid, both of which are tipped to be significant colour choices for 2014. Enabling couples to seek out and plan their wedding day to their perfect image, there are many experts who will supply all the accessories and itinerary items required to add those special finishing touches that ensure you achieve the perfect setting for one of the most important days of your lives.

From florists to creators of delicate and beautiful wedding favours that can easily be tailored to suit your colour preferences, these and many others can advise you on the best purchases to match your needs. Whether wishing for traditional tulles or floral inspired Bonboniere, the sugared almonds wrapped delicately in lace and ribbon to contemporary designs including box designs in styles suited for all ages and available with a selection of sweets and chocolates to make mouths water!

Whatever colours you are hoping to integrate for your wedding day, remain confident that there are specialist experts out there who have the time, energy and above all, the passion to make those finishing touches transform your wedding day into the spectacle you will want to achieve. With a bountiful supply of thank you gifts and wedding favours available to tailor to your individual colour preferences and design tastes, discover the wide ensemble presented by leading professional experts today and give a special ‘thank you’ to your wedding guests this year.