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Pamper Yourself - The Benefits of Having a Hair and Makeup Artist

Planning 101 • 1st April 2015
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If anyone deserves a little pampering, I think it’s fairly safe to say that Brides-To-Be are pretty high on the list. Weddings can be pretty stressful – we may not like to admit it, but it’s true - especially if you’re doing your upmost to keep it DIY and to a budget.

There are loads of areas where you can save money: call in favours from your sister who loves to bake, pick your bridal bouquet from dad’s garden or just persuade all of your friends and family to pitch in! But when it comes down to those crucial moments on your big day, you might regret not having hired a professional to do your hair and makeup – There. I said it!

OK, so you feel pretty confident about making yourself pretty before walking down the aisle, but it’s not all about that. A good, professional hair and makeup artist will have you tried and tested on your trial run prior to your wedding (no room for error here!), they will keep you scheduled and on time and they will keep your stress levels to a minimum. Not only that, but you really can rest assured that you will look you absolutely best, from the ‘I do’ right through to the end of the night.

Still not convinced? As you would expect, hair and makeup artists come equipped with all the industry favourite kits to create your dream look. Guess how much it would cost for you to go out and buy that makeup and equipment to do it’s a lot. So much in fact, that in the end you may actually find it a cheaper option to hire a professional!

When hiring a bridal hair & makeup artist, the pampering process begins right from the moment you book you trial. Just knowing that you have chosen to treat yourself to looking the very best version of you that you can be is a pleasure in and of itself and even before you meet with your hair and makeup artist, the excitement will start to build.

Not sure what a trial run entails? It’s nothing to be nervous about. Most people find their trial runs to be an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience. You should allow around 3 hours for best results so that you can go through a number of looks until you find one that is just right. Bring along pictures you like for inspiration as well as any accessories you may want to incorporate into your style. Don't have a clue what you're after? That's fine too! Us professionals are well trained in being able to select styles that are well suited to your skin tone, eye colour and not to mention your individual personality.

Once your trial run is complete and you are ecstatic about the hair and makeup look that you have chosen, your hair and makeup artist will set about arranging timings for the big day itself so that you'll be looking on point in time to walk down the aisle.