Planning 101 18th October 2013

Mother's Outfits and Ladies Special Occasion Wear

A wedding is a wonderful excuse for both the mothers, of the bride and groom, to wear something suitably outstanding!

First things first

To avoid colour clashes, it’s well worth both mothers making time to discuss with each other what they are planning to wear and then confer with the bride. The important thing is that mothers feel happy with their choice and do not fall into the trap of wearing what others think they should wear. This is where expert advice is essential!

Depend on the specialist high street retailers. They have expert knowledge and the time to give you unbiased opinions and advice. Plus, they want you to be happy, shop there again and recommend your friends.

Be brave and open to suggestions; try new colours and styles.

Love the outfit first and then work out what accessories you will be wearing.

Simplicity is elegance!

If you are wearing pastel shades a beige handbag and shoes are better than white.

Scarves, stoles and pashminas are perfect accessories.

Keep to just two colours, except when two of them are black and white.

If you are very suntanned, it’s best to avoid wearing black or navy.

Earrings may be too much if you are wearing a chunky necklace.

Try sitting down in a new outfit before buying it. You do not want to be stood around all day!

Choose the right size heel for the length of your skirt.

Gloves are not essential, but they do add an elegant finishing touch, especially for an autumn or winter wedding.

If a hat is not an option then consider a feather fascinator.

Think Audrey Hepburn, Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Grace and you won’t go far wrong!

A few extras

Even the most expensive and beautiful outfits can be ruined by the wrong choice of underwear. Bras for example, should not only give you support but should also follow the shape of the bodice on the outfit. The usual bra may not do this effectively. Again, this is where specialist shops can offer invaluable advice.

A dress rehearsal, in the complete outfit, including the underwear and shoes is essential to ensure everything looks well together and that bra straps or underskirts do not show and consequently spoil the whole effect.

You’ll spend much of the day on your feet so it’s essential you find shoes that fit well and are comfortable. If you’ve not had your feet measured for years, this may be the time to do so. Also, even if you know your foot size, the size and fit of shoes can differ considerably- both between different styles and between different brands. Don’t forget to try out the shoes you’re wearing with whatever hosiery you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. The fit can be vastly different if you’ve got bare feet.

Top tips for fabulous feet

Break new shoes in by wearing them around the house.

If you will be walking on lawns or on a beach, stilettos should be avoided.

A decorated hemline calls for a simpler shoe style and visa versa.

Avoid wearing hosiery with open toed shoes.

Higher heels can aid posture.

Buy shoes in the afternoon when your feet have warmed up.

The night before the wedding, soak your feet in warm water with tea tree or peppermint oil and use a good foot cream.