Planning 101 19th July 2017

20 Short and Snappy Wedding Planning Tips

When it comes to planning a wedding, it often feels like you need to do an awful lot of research. So to save you a fair bit of time, here's some short and snappy bits of advice from wedding planner and celebrant Samantha Kelsie

1. Step one – start with a guest list! It helps to have rough numbers ready when you begin making your planning enquiries.

2. Use your venue’s interior to influence your theme – half the design job will be done before you begin! 

3. Your invitation is the first clue guests receive to the style of your wedding – make sure it fits in with the theme for the day. 

4. Plan any DIY projects a few months in advance, allowing time to experiment and practise before you get crafty.

5. Seat friends and family together at the wedding breakfast. Familiarity allows for great conversation to flow, and no uncomfortable silences at the dinner table.

6. If you’re inviting children, make sure you supply some suitable activities to keep them busy and entertained throughout the day too. 

7. Always, always practise your first dance a few days before the wedding (even if you only plan on swaying side to side!)

8. Don’t forget the groom! It’s his day too – let him have say on the important decisions! 

9. Arrange a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer to help you become familiar with each other and find some perfect poses before the big day.

10. Delegate, delegate, delegate! That’s what a wedding party is there for! 

11. Have a day off! It’s OK to take a break from wedding planning when you need one. 

12. Losing sight of why you’re planning a wedding? Take a break and write yourself a list of all the reasons you fell in love in the first place. You’ll soon get your bridal mojo back on track! 

13. Consider the month of your marriage to make suitable seasonal choices on flowers, foods, themes and colour schemes. 

14. Don’t allow your ceremony plans to lay low on your list of priorities – it’s the keystone of the whole day, after all! 

15. Guests won’t necessarily remember the colour of your bouquet – but they will remember the emotion they felt when they saw you carrying it.  

16. Did you know? A celebrant ceremony can take place indoors or outdoors, in any chosen venue, with or without a marriage license! 

17. Did you know? A celebrant allows you to create a personalised ceremony which completely reflects your style and personality, without any restrictions?

18. Did you know? A celebrant ceremony is not restricted by legal requirements, meaning you can get married any way, anywhere, and any how! 

19. Did you know? You can legally sign the wedding register at your local register office on any day before or after your wedding day – it’s only paperwork after all!  

20. Did you know? A celebrant allows you the freedom to include religious or non-religious, spiritual, traditional, or cultural influences in your ceremony if you so wish. 

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