Planning 101 2nd January 2017

Just Engaged? Here's what to do next...

just engaged, engagement, wedding planning

We've heard Father Christmas has been pretty good to you this year, and you now have a shiny new addition to your left hand!? Congratulations! 
You're probably still in a champagne fuelled haze right now, but when the bubbles have settled we thought you may need some help with knowing what to do next...

1. Spread the news! 

Make sure you at least call all close family and friends before you stick it on Facebook! Here are 10 creative ways to announce your engagement.

2. Insure the ring...

We know it's boring, but that's a damn special ring sitting on your pretty little finger, so it's super important you protect it! You can often add it to your home insurance, or take out a special policy.

3. Get some help...

Things are going to get a little complicated over the coming months, it's a good idea to sign up to our FREE planning tools to help you get a handle on it all. There's a budget calculator, guestlist tracker, personalised to-do list and more...

4. Set a date

Or more realisticly, establish a few possible dates. Speak with close family and make sure the few dates you select will work for everyone, and then you can start the venue hunt.

5. Budget and banking

Have a conversation about how you're planning on funding the wedding, do you need some help from family? Will you need to start a special saving plan? Open a new bank account you can use for all wedding things, or consider looking for a 0% credit card. 

6. Guestlist

This doesn't need to be in any way the final list, but you'll need a rough idea of how many people you'd like to invite before you start venue hunting.

7. Venue hunting

Check here to find wedding venues in your area, you can even send them enquiries and arrange viewings.

8. Hire a wedding planner

Already feeling pretty stressed out? Here's a list of lovely wedding planners who can help take the pressure off, and bring your dream to life!

9. Choose your wedding party

Who would you like by your side as you say your I do's? It's time to pop the question... Read how to pick your bridesmaids here.

10. Start collecting ideas

Browse our collection of moodboards and inspiration to start building a picture of how you'd like your day to look. You can also follow us on Pinterest here, and Instagram here!