Planning 101 26th June 2014

Using Pinterest For Wedding Planning

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For those of you who are big fans of our weekly mood boards, we thought it about time we gave a few pointers to help you create your own for your big day. Thanks the the advent of Pinterest, you no longer need to be super artistic and creative to put together a beautiful page of images which inspire your big day! Over the past couple of years, hundred of thousands of brides (and grooms, and random wedding obsessed women) have developed a slight addiction to the website and it's ability to set your imagination and creative juices flowing. Please find below our handy guide to getting to grips with Pinterest.

*WARNING * Users have been known to lost whole days to the pinning phenomena, and side affects can include the DIY itch and budget increases.

What is Pinterest?
Think of Pinterest as on online filing cabinet of all things pretty, tasty, inspiring and awesome all over the internet. It's your filing cabinet, and the 70 million other users' filing cabinet too. When you're browsing the web and looking at awesome blogs, you can upload your favourite pictures to your Pinterest boards to so that you have all your inspiration in one easily accessible place! What's amazing, however, is that not only can you view all the cool things you've pinned from other websites, you can also see all the cool things that every other user has pinned too, and pin them to your boards! If you'd rather be a secret pinner, that's cool too,  you can set your board to private in the settings.

How to get started

1. Follow this link to sign up.

2. Find people to follow so that your homepage is always brimming with ideas and pictures...


3. Add the 'Pin It' Button to your browser, this way whenever you're on a blog or other website and see a picture you'd like to pin, you can just click the pin it button and select the picture you like.

4. Get started by searching for you favourite bloggers, or by searching 'wedding' or a wedding theme in the search bar. You have the option to choose to search pins, boards or pinners.


5. When you see a Pin you like, hover over it with you mouse and a little magnifying glass will encourage you to open  it up. You can choose to 'Pin' to one of your boards, 'Like', Comment, follow the pinner, visit the original website, and much more!

  • If you're only just embarking on your wedding planning journey, we'd recommend starting by building a super eclectic, crazy first board, with pins of everything and everything you see and love. Search 'wedding' in the top left search bar, and you'll be ambushed with a stream of recent pins relating to weddings. Start pinning to your eclectic board and it will soon build up!

  • Now you have a base, take some some to look through that crazy board and see if you can see a trend emerging. Is it mostly one colour palette? Are there a lot of nautical themed things? Now take a couple of these over-riding themes and start new boards, one for each, this time searching for that particular theme in the search bar. And the fun begins...

  • Build boards dedicated to flowers to take to meetings with your florist, and dedicated to dresses to help with dress shopping.

Have fun and see you on the boards!