Planning 101 26th July 2022

How to Plan Signature Cocktail Ideas For Your Wedding

What do people love even more than a cocktail? A signature one at a wedding! Fun, personal and the loveliest added touch to the day, they’re guaranteed to go down well with your guests. 

To help you get started, we’ve listed below everything you need to consider when creating one, from the names, to the decorations and how you present them to your guests.

Think about names 

First things first, have a think about what you’d like to call your cocktails. Do your names rhyme with anything, or is there a personal attribute about yourselves that you want to pull out through the cocktails? Do you have any favourite hobbies or pets you’d like to name your cocktails after? Or if you’d like to keep things more simple, what are your favourite cocktails? It’s up to you if you  keep the names just as they are or make them a little more wedding themed. We recommend a little planning session accompanied by a cocktail or two! 

naming cocktailsnaming cocktailsnaming cocktails

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The pièce de résistance of the cocktails is decorating it with something fun! We’ve listed below a few of our favourites to help get your creative cogs whirring! 

Sparkly stirrers 

Sparkly stirrers always bring a bit of pizzaz to proceedings and are an easy thing for your bar staff to pop in the drink. 

sparkly stirrers

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Name tags 

Whether they feature the guest's name or the names of you and your other half, name tags are a cute touch to add to your signature cocktails. They could even be the name of the cocktail itself too. 

name tags

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Personalised glasses 

Similar to the above, think about personalising your glasses with either your names or the names of each individual guest. If you can, let the guests take them home with them as a lovely keepsake. 

personalised glasses

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You often can’t go wrong with an edible flower or two placed within your drinks. They err on the classy side of fun and will always tie in nicely with the rest of the wedding day. 

flowers in cocktails

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Fruit on the side 

Another nice addition is to pop fruit on the side of the glass, or within the drink itself for a subtle added touch. 

fruit cocktail

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Served in a fun glass or vessel 

If your drink of choice is a bit more themed in terms of flavours or name choice, pop it in a fun glass or vessel that matches that vibe. 

fun glass

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Little flags 

Get little flags personalised with your names or the name of the cocktail and pop them within the drinks for a cute addition. 

cocktails flags

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Pop it in premixed in bottles

If you have the time before the wedding, another option is to pop the cocktails premixed Into bottles or jars that your guests can just grab throughout the day. 

premixed bottles

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Illustrated cups

We love the idea of having the cups illustrated with something that is personal to you as a couple. Again this would make a nice keepsake for your guests to take away with them. 

illustrated cups

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Place it in a big drinks jar so people can help themselves

A lovely informal way to present your cocktails is to place them in a big drinks jar with a tap that enables them to serve themselves. Add pretty signs to each cocktail to denote what they are and line them up somewhere nice. 

big drink jars

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Childhood photos

We love this idea of adding a cute (or funny) photo from your childhood onto a cocktail stirrer for a fun touch. It could also be the photo that inspires the cocktail name too! 

childhood photos

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A chic way of personalising, we think this personalised orange peel is pretty cool. 


Finally, how are you going to tell everyone about your signature cocktails on your wedding day? Will you have one big board or a few smaller ones dotted around on the bar? Below are a few of our favourite ideas. 

Large black board

A classic and cool option for signs at your wedding will always be nice blackboards with pretty font declaring the different cocktails. Go big or go small, it’s a simple and chic way to display them. 


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Little illustrations of the drinks

Another cute option is to have them illustrated a la The Bake Off with the proposed decorations included to get your guests excited. 

illustrated drinks signs

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Acrylic signs 

A more modern and formal option is to have smaller acrylic signs placed on the bar with dainty typography applied to them - a Cricut machine is ideal for this!