Planning 101 4th April 2014

Gift List Etiquette

Did you know that almost half of us don’t create a wedding gift list? Prezola’s Ali Beaven explains why you need to banish your etiquette fears now!

Debrett’s - The Official Guide to British Etiquette states that it’s expected for couples to have a wedding gift list. Yet, given our ‘British’ nature we find it oh-so-hard to ask for anything, fearing to look too presumptuous. The flip side of this coin is that most wedding guests wouldn’t dream of attending a wedding without having purchased a gift! So it’s definitely a good plan to have one.

Wedding Gifts

With lots of us already living together when we marry, today’s wedding gift list is much less about “setting up home” and more about guests commemorating your marriage with a gift that you’ll take through married life with you; your own heirlooms if you like!

Until recently the wedding gift list options hadn’t changed for a generation and there was a strong possibility that you’d end up using the same department store as your parent’s did for their wedding! That’s all changed now and couples can create lists that are a true reflection of their personalities and style, choosing gorgeous gifts from all of their favourite shops.

Wedding Gifts

It’s also far more acceptable to ask guests to make a contribution to big ticket items such as the perfect honeymoon, deposit for your first home or even the renovation of a beloved camper van! As long as it’s personal, important to you and helps set you on your way guests are usually more than happy to oblige.

Wedding Gifts

So, a few tips on how to create the perfect gift list and stay well within the bounds of acceptable etiquette…

1. Have a list. It’s actually a pain for guests when you don’t because they’ll almost certainly buy a gift anyway.

2. Think less about what you ‘need’ and more about what you’d ‘love’. Wedding gifts should be a luxury that you might not buy yourself.

3. Show your personal style with choices that reflect the two of you as a couple. No need to stick to the staples of a white dinner service and silver cutlery these days! Unless of course you’d love a white dinner service and silver cutlery.

4. Cash towards something important is perfectly acceptable, as long as guests know what they’re helping you to achieve. Even if it is a honeymoon to die for!

5. Use a gift list service that keeps track of who gave what so it’s easy when it comes to those very important thank you notes!

And predictions on gift list trends for this year? It’s all about entertaining!

We’re a gregarious nation that loves to socialise with family and friends and this is becoming increasingly apparent with our wedding gift lists. Formal and informal entertaining seem to be at the heart of what we choose. Whether its tableware for the perfect dinner party, a barbecue and accessories for balmy summer evenings or a case of champagne and crystal flutes for the prefect evening at home. Board games and cookery books are really popular this year too. Anything that we can “share” with family and friends!

Think outside of the gift box!

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