Planning 101 24th August 2015

How to Charm the Pants off Everyone as the Best Man

Sure, Last Night of Freedom specialise in giving you, you guessed it, the ultimate last night of freedom. We can whip up a stag do of epic proportions before you can say ‘let’s go sky diving in Las Vegas and parachute onto a boat for an oil wrestling strip show and a steak dinner’.

However, we know that Best Man responsibilities extend much further than the stag weekend of debauchery (we’ll take care of that for you) and the witty speech. In our peak season, we send out between 80 and 100 stag dos every weekend, so we hear from a lot of nervous Best Men. We stand by this rule: The stag do is the time and place for the Best Man to be a total legend, but the wedding is the time to be turn on the charm. These simple details will take you from Best Man to Ultimate Man…

Hip Flask

No, this isn’t for you. When you’re at the church and the bride is fashionably late, you may have a very anxious groom on your hands. Carry a hip flask of his favourite tipple in case he needs to calm his nerves.

Compliment the Bride

Whatever your speech style – always compliment the bride. Begin by mentioning the beautiful bridesmaids and raise a toast to the absolutely stunning bride. If you feel too schmaltzy, you can always balance it out by saying how much your mate is punching above his weight.


With a packed order of events, a hundred relatives he hasn’t seen for years and the intense speech pressure, the overwhelmed groom may need a few minutes of escapism outside. Bring enough cigars for all the groomsmen and head outside for some old-fashioned bromance.

Dance with the Flower Girls…

Officially one of the most attractive sights of all time. For added man points, let her dance on your shoes. If you’re single at this wedding, you won’t be for long after this utterly adorable move.

…and Great Aunt Nancy

Be a gentleman and dance with the oldies, too. Great Auntie Nancy wants to dance to Ella Fitzgerald and you’re the man to make her feel young again.

Drunk-Watch the Groom

He’ll thank you for making him slow down with the liquor. There are far too many tragic stories of wedding nights being, erm, romantically unfulfilled because the couple drank so much they passed out face down on the carpet.

Drunk Watch Yourself

The stag do is the time to exploit your wild, hedonistic side. The wedding is the time for modestly drunk merriment and exploiting your sterling sense of humour.

Guest Book

Set a fine example and write something meaningful. Encourage everyone else to sign it too, as people are much more forgetful after their 8th glass of champers. The bride and groom will be very grateful that they have all these lovely notes to look back on.

Decorate the Car

Team up with the Maid of Honour and decorate the wedding car before the happy couple drive off into the sunset. Keep it traditional with ribbon, flowers, balloons, tin cans and a Just Married sign – don’t even think about whipping out the Silly String.

Dance like a Lunatic

Before the vast quantities of liquor have set in, guests can be a bit coy about strutting their stuff on the dance floor. It’s the wedding party’s job to diffuse any awkwardness, so lead the way. Get the party started and keep it going all night long.

The Jacket Move

See that beautiful woman outside in her elegant dress, bravely battling the elements in the name of wedding sophistication? Give her your jacket – a timeless gesture of gentlemanliness.

He’s the Man

However much you’re enjoying yourself, look around and make sure the groom is enjoying himself more. Making sure that the groom has the best day possible is the mark of the ultimate Best Man.