Planning 101 6th December 2013

Christmas Inspiration - Dressing for Winter

I have never been one for an overly themed wedding but if ever there is a time of year to embrace a theme it has to be ‘Christmas’ with all it has to bring from festive decorations, long crisp winter nights and goblets of hot mulled wine. However, you celebrate the ideas that can influence your wedding which are as plentiful as ways to decorate a Christmas tree. Whether you are an elegant ice maiden or a nutcracker fairy, pick your theme and go for it!

Winter Wedding DressSnow Queen

Let intricate lace detail weave its pattern like ice formations on a frosty morning. Reflective sequins and cut crystals will catch the light giving that extra bit of wintery crispness. Add layer upon layer of delicate soft English tulle like freshly fallen snow. For a more dramatic look try rich brocades and luxurious duchess satins with striking silhouettes, tight corsets and statement pleating.

Berry Beautiful

Why stick to ivory or white? Let the season and nature dictate your colour palette. Red berries pop from trees against a back drop of holly greens and dew covered darkened branches. If you feel a red dress is one step too far an accent can be just enough to give your dress a quirky vintage twist. Try a shrug, hair accessory, jewellery or even some red shoes finished off with a touch of ruby lipstick! If red doesn’t work for you then look to the warmth of winter nights by the fire. Opulent Champagne gold’s complemented by chocolate box bridesmaids, in shades of mocha.

All Wrapped Up

There’s no getting away from it, a Christmas wedding in the UK is going to be a bit on the chilly side at some point in the day. An open top ride in a horse drawn carriage or the welly boot dash ,across a field, because your photographer is absolutely convinced that is where you need to be to encapsulate the essence of the whole day with one little click (remember to lift those petticoats up!)

When calculating how to keep your teeth from chattering up and down whilst you say ‘I do’ consider the finished look, think about the new silhouette you will create by adding or taking a jacket away. A little 1950’s style dress with a full skirt worn with red shoes and lipstick will look so much fun if you add a marabou or burnt ostrich feather stole. The fullness on the shoulder will exaggerate the nipped in wasp like waist before voluminous skirts fall to just below the knee.

Think about how long you will be outside; do you need a long cashmere, satin or velvet cape with an oversized hood that you can tentatively put up should it start to snow? Perhaps you just want a very simple bolero to cover your arms until the Eggnog kicks in!

From glittering icicles to sugary candy canes, our best wishes to you all and a very Merry Christmas x.