Planning 101 8th September 2015

8 Reasons Why Autumn Weddings Are Totally The BEST

Summer is out. Autumn is in. Hurray! For some reason I'm usually SO ready for autumn by the time September comes around. Not that I don't love summer, of course, but the pressure of short shorts, smooth legs, perfect tans and non melting makeup tends to get to me by the end of August. So it's with open arms that I welcome winter coats, swaddling my body in chunky knits, and devouring hearty meals lit by spiced pumpkin smelling candles.

I also, unsurprisingly, have a penchant for cozy, romantic, autumn weddings. Whilst summer remains to be the ultimate wedding goal for most couples, here are a bunch of reasons why you really should spare a moments thought for it's crispy leaved cousin...

1. Colours!

It's not all about orange! No, no, far from it; autumny colours include rich berry tones, coppery metalics, naturally earthy tones, deep blues and forest greens...

2. Coziness (that's a word right?)

There's something undeniably adorable about snuggling up with your significant other under a blanket when it's chilly. And something super cute/chic about a bride wrapped in wool...


I am a SUCKER for autumn foods. Pies are my reason for living, and I believe everything should be swimming in rich gravy. Yes, I am northern. 

4. Warm drinks

Sure it may be a tad early in the year for mulled wine, but hot cider it is not! And hot chocolate bars are just a winner all round...

5. Perfect light

Autumn light is a photographer's dream. The sun isn't as high in the sky as it is in summer, making the light much softer, resulting in extended golden hour times...


6. Cost cutting

Typically, many venues will have a high and a low season at slightly different costs. Booking an autumn wedding may mean bagging the venue of your dreams whilst keeping the budget in tact.

7. Availability

Not only may your venue be cheaper at this time of year, but it will also be much less in demand meaning you're far more likely to secure the date of your choice. Guests too are also far more likely to be available out of summer - who makes plans in October?!

8. Candles

Sure, you can have candles at a summer wedding, but in autumn they actually serve a purpose! We're all about the ambient lighting and the late afternoon dusk.