Planning 101 27th July 2015

What to Look for When Attending a Wedding Fair

The wedding season is well and truly upon us and whilst some couples are in the latter stages of their planning with the big day on the horizon, others are still looking at colour schemes and gathering initial ideas.

Wedding fairs are a great place to look for inspiration no matter what stage of planning you are at. There will be plenty of companies showing the best of what they can offer and you don’t want to be blinded by a haze of ivory organza!

As caterers wedding fairs are often our first face to face meeting with couples and it provides a great opportunity to see lots of people at the same time, to compare styles and get a good feel for who you would like to work with. We have created a list of key points you may want to consider when attending wedding fairs.

Think about the stage of planning you are at. Create a list of what you are looking for before you attend. This will stop you being distracted by things you have already confirmed or things that are outside of your budget.

Bring mood boards with you but be prepared to adjust your expectations. Whilst the hand blown bespoke wine glasses are beautiful and would look stunning on your dining tables they may be outside the realms of possibility. As caterers some of the images we are presented with are not feasible, whilst Pinterest is great for ideas but it is not always possible to replicate everything you see online so be realistic with what you select and be prepared to compromise with alternative options which may be better for your budget.

Who are you taking with you. If your partner isn’t keen for a day out looking at all things wedding, leave them at home. Try not to take small children with you as they will get bored and might distract you whilst at a key moment of conversation. Select family or friends who will help you consider all aspects of your day and not make rash decisions.

Take your time, speak to suppliers and don’t feel pressured. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or feel pressured into confirming things on the spot. Collect business cards of the suppliers you like, have a look at their social media and contact them afterwards when you have had a cup of tea or a delicious cocktail and regrouped your thoughts.

Samples. Speaking to caterers at fairs gives you the opportunity to try food, look at presentation and possibly take some samples away with you. As caterers we will always bring something delicious for couples to try.

Arrive on time. Most wedding fairs are quieter in the mornings, so use this opportunity to get the full attention of the suppliers you want to meet.

Enjoy the planning. This is your wedding day and you only get to plan it once, so enjoy the experience and take your time.