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Writing Your Wedding Vows (with Examples)

My most honest advice that can be given to anyone writing their wedding vows would be this - speak from the heart and stay true to yourself and your relationship. But the main stumbling block for so many couple is - how do you begin? Below I have broken down how to get inspired to write your wedding vows and things to think about to help get those creative juices flowing. 

Express yourself in a way that feels most natural to you

Are you poetic or sentimental? Traditional or romantic? Simplistic or formal? Light-hearted or amusing? Choose which tones feel best for you and use this to help form your structure. 

Use words that echo the sentiments you feel are most important

Examples of these could be love, respect, equality, support, unconditional, protection, friendship, honesty, laughter or honour. Think about what makes your bond so special and what it is you will continue to give to the one you love. 

Make references to experiences that have united you as a couple 

This could be travel, adventure, health, challenges, berreavement, new beginnings, success, family, culture or achievements. The could be one or two things, or even a handful. It's totally up to you what you'd like to include. 

Think about how you would like to say your wedding vows out loud

Would you like to say them in full? Or answer I do? 

Will you repeat them line by line after your celebrant? Or read them in full from a script? 

Will you both repeat the same words? Or say something unique and personal? 

Will you write your wedding vows together? Or surprise each other with your words on the day? 

Think about why you chose to marry each other...

What inspires you about the other person?

What do you love about them? 

What promises do you wish to make to them? 

What hopes do you have for your life together? 

Here are some sentence starting points that might inspire you...

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Here are some examples of real wedding vows used in previous ceremonies 

From this moment you have my hand,

To support you in anything that brings you happiness,

And to pull you through anything that brings you sadness. 

I will give you my ear when you need to vent the things that vex you,

My voice when you need advice,

And my eyes when you cannot see where the future lies. 

I'll never stand far from you

And wherever we walk

We walk together, always. 


Groom: *Bride's name*, in the time that we have spent together, you have shared with me a love that is both pure and unconditional...

Bride: *Groom's name*, you have embraced my love with a heart that is open, honest and true. 

Groom: You have stood by me, and supported our relationship when times have been difficult...

Bride: ...You have pathed the way to good times and laughter for us both. 

Groom: You have taught me the greatest virtues in life; to embrace adventure and new experience, but to act with caution...

Bride: ...You have shown me the beauty in being myself. 

Groom: I am grateful for each day that we have with each other, and for the life that we have made together as a family...

Bride: ...every day I cherish the life that I have with you, and the future that is ours. 

Groom: I promise to love you, to look after you, and to always support you, as you do to me, in the life that is ours to share...

Bride: ...I promise to live that life with you, every day, by your side. 


I do….

Take you….

To be my husband/wife, 

To have and to hold

From this day forward;

For better, for worse, 

For richer, for poorer, 

In sickness and in health, 

To love and to cherish, 

Til death us do part;

According to God’s holy law’ 

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I call upon my friends and family present here today, to witness that I love you.

I promise that I will love you, protect you, and respect you as my equal partner, 

From this day forward, and every day that we are together. 

I promise to trust you, be honest with you, and always support you, until our days should end. 

I promise to share with you my patience and understanding, in good times and

in bad, and to stay by your side whatever life may throw at us.

For whatever comes our way, I am yours and you are mine, together until the end of time. 


I promise that I will love you, and laugh with you, 

And enjoy every moment that I have with you, 

From this day forward, 

And for every day that we are together. 

Everything that I have, I share with you, 

Everything that is mine, is yours to share. 

As long as I am yours, and you are mine,

I promise to stand forever by your side, 

As your best friend and your husband. 

I love you.

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My promise to you is simple, 

I’ll endure until the end. 

I’ll be your one and only, 

Your lover and your friend, 

I’ll listen and I’ll nurture, 

I’ll fight and I’ll be true. 

I’ll do my equal share

And I will never give up on you. 


I swear, to never cook bacon on a weekday morning, when

you’ve just washed your hair for work.

On Mondays, it’s only scrambled egg, I promise. 

And I swear only ever to wash my sports socks on Sundays,

when your lacy knickers are safe in your drawers. 

The remote control, I give to you. 

Except when it’s Game of Thrones. 

That, we’ll watch together. 

… and maybe the football. 


“With this celebration I tie my heart to yours, in the hope that our souls will always find each other.

This team isn’t temporary and I will always work on being in balance with you as we walk this path together.”