Planning 101 2nd July 2014

Wet Wedding Day


You may well spend the weeks leading up to your wedding checking the forecast every 30 minutes and praying to the weather gods. Especially if you're planning a spring or summer wedding, everyone longs for that often illusive sunshine and epitome of a great british summer's day.
Today, however, we thought we'd bring you some examples of times when the weather hasn't exactly gone to plan, in fact, it's gone drastically wrong! Yet still, these fearless couples (and their awesome photographers!) show us how to embrace the uncontrollable, seize the moment and enjoy what matters most on their wedding day, each other.

You're scared of a spot of drizzle on your wedding day? Try these on for size...

This couple who's wedding took place amidst the smog in Beijing

Gas Mask Wedding. Via News.Com.Au
Gas Mask Wedding. Via News.Com.Au


This couple who faced bush fires causing them to change venue.

Img. Josh Newton. Via MattsWeatherReport
Img. Josh Newton. Via MattsWeatherReport


This couple who's photographer made light up amidst a downpour.


This couple who sparkled among the snow drops like little diamonds.


This couple who took storm clouds and made them epic.