Planning 101 17th August 2017

Wedding Roles: The Best Man

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Being asked to be best man is one of the highest honours the groom can bestow upon a friend or family member. It’s the compliment that says “I trust you and you’re the one I want next to me on the big day.” However, such privilege also comes hand in hand with an array of roles and responsibilities that the best man needs to fulfil to help make sure everything goes to plan. To make sure any prospective best men are prepared for upcoming nuptials we’ve listed some of the key roles regarding what is traditionally expected from those within the position. 

Planning – 

Traditionally, the bride and maid of honour tend to do the majority of organising and planning for the event but that doesn’t mean that the best man has nothing to do other than turn up with a speech. Traditional responsibilities include making sure that everyone within the grooms party knows what’s happening or of any changes to the plan; a great way of doing so if setting up a Facebook or WhatsApp group chat that everyone can access easily. The best man also plays an important role in making sure all groomsmen are suited and booted; the best man should make sure everyone is properly fitted and the method for financing the suits sorted out prior to shopping for them. Another planning responsibility of the best man is to organise the groomsmen gift; Whisky flasks, pocket watches, and cufflinks are all great ideas that can be personalised to fit the occasion as a thank you to the groomsmen for their role in the wedding. 


The Stag Do – 

One of the most famous and important responsibilities that come with being the best man is organising the stag do. Sorting out a budget that works for everyone, organising venues and transport as well making sure everyone the groom wants there is present are key things to plan out in advance. Personalising the stag do to make it memorable and fun can be done through making “kits” such as matching t-shirts and masks and by organising games and pranks to carry out on the evening. It’s important to give the groom a big send-off on his stag do but it’s also important to remember that he has an upcoming nuptials so activities with longer term consequences, such as head shaving and eyebrow waxing, should be avoided to make sure everyone is looking their best in the wedding photos (and to keep the bride happy too). 


On the Day – 

When the big day arrives the best man has a number of vital roles.  Firstly, it’s important to remain calm and coherent (so it may be a good idea to avoid too much alcohol just in case). The best man needs to help make sure that everything is organised and set up; this includes picking up any rentals and organising last minute details at the venue if necessary.  Part of this role is making sure the rings are kept safe, the wedding license is brought along, and the groom arrives at least twenty minutes before the ceremony is set to begin. In addition, as the ceremony concludes the best man traditionally guides the maid of honour back up the aisle whilst following the bride and groom. Post ceremony, the best man should greet guests upon arrival at the reception as well as introducing the speeches before, lastly, giving his and hopefully getting a few chuckles from the crowd. A top tip for the best man’s speech is for it to be well rehearsed, to make it funny (but not too inappropriate so to save guests from any embarrassment) and, also, to include the bride in anecdotes and to make her feel welcome. In addition, if the couple can’t do so or are heading off on their honeymoon that evening, the best man is also responsible for looking after any gifts or envelopes until the couple has a chance to organise them themselves. 

Following these tips and guidelines should help navigate any prospective best men towards and through the big day. Stay organised, calm, and upbeat and everything should go to plan.  At the end of the day, if the couple and guests have had a fantastic day then that’s all that truly matters!