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Wedding Planner Courses

The Wedding Planner Business School

If you have a passion for weddings, are well organised, articulate and have excellent attention to detail, then becoming a professional wedding planner can provide you with a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Wedding Planner has been helping couples to plan their weddings for 25 years, and so there's little that we haven't come across! We also have an in-house wedding planner, Marie, with over 10 years of experience and 600 weddings under her belt! Throughout that time Marie has met many amazing couples, visited some of the UK's most beautiful venues and worked with some super-talented suppliers.

Helping a couple to plan their wedding is not primerilly about spending large sums of money, it's about creating a day that truly reflects a couples love for one another. Once you understand your couple and their wishes you are well on your way to being able to help them to achieve their perfect wedding.

Ready to become a wedding planner? We can provide you with the skills to get the most out of your suppliers, work with clients, gain trust with venues, create an amazing party and ensure the budget is kept in check. However we strongly believe that to be a successful wedding planner you must discover that ‘instinct’, that passion to drive your career forwards. And of course, you must have a love of all things romantic!

How does it work?

So, you feel that wedding planning is for you and you need to gain the relevant experience and qualifications. You have already made a good start...investing in yourself is something you should always do in order to fulfill your dreams and career goals. People study differently and have different daily commitents. Some love to put aside a few hours a week and slowly make progress at a pace that suits their lifestyle, whereas others like to go flat-out to achieve their goals. We recognse that people are different and have developed courses to meet both approaches.

What do I gain by doing this course?

When you enroll with the Wedding Planner Business School, we help you to realise your dream of becoming a profeessional wedding planner, typically within 6 months (or less if you select our weekend intensive course). The Wedding Planner Business School provides 2 wedding planneing courses and 1 mentoring program as part of your professional development to becoming a wedding planner. Upon graduation you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and the chance to join the WPBS Network of Qualified Wedding and Event Planners.

We provide you with the knowledge, processes, experience and the tools to start your own business. In addition we also help you to discover the part of yourselves which you will need to carry you through your professional career. The passion, drive and determination to make you stand out from the crowd and really make a success of wedding planning.

Why join the Wedding Planner Business School?

Enjoyable assignments that are a mix of written work and practical excercises, ensuring that by the time you graduate you will have a very solid base on which to build your career.

Intensive weekend courses that allow you to train directly with the founder of the WPBS and enjoy the energy of a group of students all aiming to be the best in the field.

Support from Wedding Planner, the UK’s leading Wedding Planning resource, with over 200,000 unique visitors every year.

Mentoring and Tutor support from qualified and successful Wedding Planners around the UK.

Advice and tips from industry experts along the way.

Exclusive chance to join Wedding Planner, providing you with access to brides looking for wedding planners in your area.

The chance to chat to other students through our private school forum and groups.

Upon completion of the course you will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement from the WPBS and you will be able to proudly show your badge on your website and paperwork.

Unique access to the experience, knowledge and skills as passed on by those leading the field of Wedding Planning today. Our courses are designed by the South’s award winning planner who has worked with over 600 couples since 2004 and has been tutoring students since 2009.


The Distance Learning Online Wedding Planning Course - £550

The distance learning course enables you to take your time and study at a pace which suits you, planing your study around your family and work commitments so that you get the most from each module. The course has 10 ‘fulfilling’ assignments,
typically taking around 6 months to complete, and encourages you to explore every aspect of the wedding industry.

The assignments cover a range of topics such as meeting clients, organising your time, marketing, working with suppliers and building relationships with venues. Each assignment is sent to you to complete and email back to your tutor. You will receive comments on each assignment in return and advice on how to improve your skills or things to work on for your next assignment. Once all your 10 assignments and final project have been completed you will receive a full evaluation from your tutor and your certificate of achievement.

At this point you will be a fully qualified graduate from the WPBS with all of the skills to run a successful wedding planning business.

Weekend Intensive Course - Graduate Programme - £550

The Weekend Intensive Course is ideal for people that prefer a ‘hands on’ approach, enjoying group training sessions, ofering them the ability to complete the course in a shorter timeframe. The weekend consists of 2 intensive training days followed by a project that you will need to submit after the course, showcasing your newly acquired knowlesge and skills as a professional wedding planner.

By attending the weekend course and successfully submitting your final project you will graduate from the programme and be equiped with the skills required to start your own wedding planning business. You will also have access to our professional mentoring for 1 month after the course and have the
opportunity to join Wedding Planner, providing you with access to brides looking for wedding planners in your area.
(fee payable in one go or via 3 installments - £150 / £200 / £200 part payments)

Mentoring - 1 month £200 | 3 months £500 | 6 months £750

On completion of either course you will have the opportunity to join our ongoing mentoring service, providing valuable access to a qualified and fully experienced wedding planner. You will be able to ask questions, gain advice, talk things through and receive unbiased help with your first clients, tricky situations and problems that you feel unsure about.

How do you sign up?

If you have any questions, or have already decided which course if for you, please EMAIL US with your name, address, contact details and a short paragraph about why you would like to become a wedding planner. We will contact you within 48 hours to talk through your requirements and to start your professional traning.

Please note:

Failure to pay the full amount prior to the course date will result in you not being allowed to attend and no refunds will be given.

If you fail to complete or attend the course(s) no refunds will be given at any stage (unless exceptional circumstances occur, in which case we will use discretion to decide upon refunds, if any).

Certificates of Completion / Graduate certificates are only available upon completion of each course and if the tutor assigned to the student deems the course as ‘completed’.