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Marryoke - The Best Reason to Have a Wedding Video!

Planning 101 • 13th December 2013
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Matthew Willsher - Videographer and Marryoke Maker from Teardrop Films.

We have been lucky enough to talk to Matthew Willsher, videographer and Marryoke maker. Based in Hampshire, Matthew owns and runs Teardrop Films.

Teardrop films are a “vibrant and creative wedding filmmaking and videography company who specialise in capturing the atmosphere and emotion of every wedding.” However, something about them that caught our eye! For They are quirky and fun and, here at Wedding Planner, we fell in love with their Marryokes straight away!

We have asked a series of questions that we believe will help you- we wanted to show you how important it is to find the right person, for each big job, on your special day. So, we give you… Matthew Willsher.

What made you want to start filming weddings?

Having been in the creative industry for over 10 years, with a passion for film making, I decided it was time to make it my main vocation and bring my own take to a wedding film. I wanted to get away from the pre conceived ideas of someone with a massive box on their shoulder getting in everyone’s way. We pride ourselves with the ability to blend in and capture the footage as naturally as possible without the bride, groom and guests realising they are on camera. We make sure we are in the right place at the right time to capture the action and emotion.

When you aren’t filming, what do you like to do?

In my spare time, when I’m not filming, I will be with my wife and two lovely girls, Isabella and Amelie. I still play non-league football but that is limited now due to working weekends. I have a fondness for American sports mainly ice hockey; I love country music and Radio 4. As a family we love a party and entertaining our friends and Christmas is my favorite time of the year, especially as I dress up as Santa for the girls!

When you are asked to film for someone’s wedding, do you have to get to know the couple beforehand?

When being booked for a wedding the most important thing is to really get to know the couple. The more comfortable they are with me and vice versa the more I blend in on the day and more relaxed the bride and groom are, hence I will then get more natural shots. My biggest plan is to appear to the guests as a friend with a camera so not to be intrusive and go unnoticed!! Recently the groom’s mother did not even know the wedding had been filmed!!

Matthew at Tearfrop Films

What is the most important part about filming someone’s big day?

The most important part of filming someone's day is to capture the emotion and atmosphere of the day. I don't follow the bride and groom around all day as it is important to capture the candid shots of all the guests enjoying the day. As the day does go so quick I am a extra pair of eyes documenting the day and creating a true creative reflection of their most important day. I film with several cameras so I am able to film the action and reaction so the tears and emotion will all be captured! As we start at the beginning (preparations) and end at the end (11pm approx) we capture so much that is not seen by the bride and the groom- that is key!

What is the most memorable thing that you have videoed at someone’s wedding?

The most touching moment was at a Hindu wedding where the bride usually has to line up to say good bye to all her family and traditionally she then move in to the groom’s home. Usually this is emotional but this time the bride was moving to Canada so leaving all her family behind! I, including everyone else, was in tears as she said good-bye to all of her family then finally with her mum and dad. That moment will never leave me.

And the funniest…?

The funniest / most embarrassing moment was a wedding last year when the bride had one too many glasses of champagne and was slightly tipsy as she walked down the isle whooping as she went and then went on to get her groom’s name wrong. Lesson for all brides here!

We absolutely love the Marryoke videos; can you tell us a bit about them?

Marryokes are a lovely way to have some extra fun on your wedding day and what better memory to show your kids in years to come, how crazy mum and dad used to be. We combine all the key highlights and some great singing to create a very unique wedding memory.

We like you to suggest some songs that you both love and we select which one will work the best. Once the song has been selected we send out song sheets so that the wedding party can get used to the song that we are using. This is very important to get the best out of the wedding party.

The key is for the Marryoke not to take over the day and I only take a few minutes here and there. We start in the morning, with your preparations, and later we get the DJ to play the song in the evening with everyone dancing around to the song. The more people we can get involved the better.

So, what inspired you to do this?

I love making the sentimental highlights that captures the emotion of a day but wanted to get the bride and groom to have some real fun and this is the way of getting all the key members of the wedding party involved, sometimes even the grandparents!! If the bride is nervous in the morning this certainly takes her mind off it, for a short while.

Will you film the day alongside the Marryoke too?

Yes the Marryoke is filmed alongside the day so the couples also get a full wedding film. We do film Marryoke only weddings as an option, if the bride and groom prefer that.

How much of the wedding day is taken up by recording the Marryoke?

As mentioned, we spend a bit of time in the morning when the guys and girls are getting ready. We then leave the bride and groom to concentrate on getting married so we will resume with the filming during the bride and groom portrait shoot and then take a few people at a time to do the odd lines throughout the evening! We like to end with getting everyone on the dance floor surrounding the bride and groom and for the DJ to play the song- this gets everyone involved.

And finally… can you pick any song to sing-a-long too?

The bride and groom give me some options and I like to pick, this is the easiest way of choosing. One couple this year were dead set on doing the Il Divo song, which would not be a typical Marryoke. It really suited them so I agreed and it was a very different style to a Marryoke and looked great and they loved it.

Have you watched one of Matthew’s videos? We have included an example, however there are lots more on Matthew's website.