Planning 101 4th July 2024

5 Ways AI Is Impacting Weddings Right Now

Whilst many are a little dubious about AI and the impact it might be having on various areas of our lives, its boost in efficiency and its ability to help couples visualise is a welcome addition to the wedding industry. From speeding up the process of selecting photographs and coordinating seating charts to helping couples visit multiple venues from the comfort of their own home, it can help wedding planning feel a lot less stressful. It also often means couples on a budget are able to benefit from services that were previously associated with more expensive weddings, which is a real perk considering how pricey weddings can be already. 

Below we’ve listed 5 of the main key areas where AI is changing things up in weddings, to see if it can help you in planning your wedding. 

1. Digital Assistants for Initial Wedding Planning 

American wedding planning websites The Knot and Wedding Wire have created clever chatbots that are able to provide couples with instant recommendations for venues and suppliers. Based on specific information the couple have shared regarding things like style, budget and wedding size, they’re able to suggest various options from their vast database to help the selection process run a little smoother! If you’re tight on time and want to get to the good stuff quick, this is a real game changer. 

2. Optimised Seating Arrangement Tools 

One of the trickier and more time consuming aspects of wedding planning, I think we can all agree if we can get some AI help on the seating chart, we’ll be taking it! Prismm is a website that uses AI to optimise your seating arrangements based on details such as family dynamics, guest relationships and table sizes.

3. AI Enhanced Photography Services 

Your photographer will take an insane number of photos throughout your wedding day and it’s often their somewhat laborious task to go through them to all to select the very best. Luckily now they can make use of AI software such as Pixellu, which scans through thousands of photos to pull out the best based on composition, lighting and emotional impact. This helps speed up the full photography editing process, and may help with the turnaround of getting your photos back. 

4. VR Venue Tours 

With the rise in Virtual Reality venue tours over recent years, you’re now able to explore various options from the comfort of your own home. This is ideal for seeing lots of venues, narrowing down your favourites and then going to see those specifically in person to make a final decision. It’s often so hard to capture the essence of a venue through photos alone, so this is a really welcome addition to the wedding planning process. 

5. Visualise Wedding Party Outfits 

Using AI software, a number of websites are now able to make personalised wedding dress and suit recommendations based on a couple’s style preferences and body types, whilst taking current fashion trends into account. This is not only really helpful for the couple, but can also be very handy for picking bridal party outfits too!