Planning 101 14th October 2013

Wedding Day Repair Kit

This is an absolute must! The last thing you want at your wedding is for your make-up to run or your stockings to ladder. Prepare this little bag of essentials to ensure you have a perfect day.

What to include

Happy BrideMakeup, perfume, deodorant, tissues, hairbrush, baby wipes and cotton swabs, needle and thread, hair grips, Tampax, mini hair spray, spare tights or stockings, blotting papers for reducing shine, plasters, breathe freshener, a pen, safety pins, pain killers and anything else you fancy in this bag of goodies!

Why is this bag a must?

Preparing a bag like this means that any little problems you come across during the day, especially if they are to do with your face or hair, can be sorted and rectified within minutes! Ask one of your bridesmaids if they could carry it with them in case you need it in an emergency.

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