Planning 101 10th January 2019

Unusual Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Firstly, is it "photo booth" or "photobooth"?! You may notice that we go between both below! These days, photo booths are a must for most couple’s wedding preparations. Nothing beats an unusual photo booth and finding an idea that is unique and engaging for your guests is often a real winner. Photobooths can add some extra fun and entertainment for everyone at your wedding, especially your guests. It has added benefits since the pictures produced through this can easily serve as your perfect wedding memorabilia.

If you are looking for unusual wedding photo booth ideas, then check out our top suggestions below.

DIY iPad Selfie Station


This unusual wedding photobooth idea is very simple, yet trendy, and will appeal to the young guests the most. It is the DIY or Do-It-Yourself set up. You do not need to have any fancy equipment or a pricey camera to pull this idea off. You just have to find, or make, an iPad holder that can be placed not lower than 5 feet from the ground. But, if you have a tripod then you won't have to worry about the placement. Add some instructions and hashtags on where to find their photos online. Don’t forget to keep your instructions short and straight forward so your guests will easily understand and will not be confused. It's also a nice idea to include some props and costumes by the side to add more fun and better engagement at your DIY iPad Selfie Station.

Hanging Props From Trees


“Hanging props from trees” is a great idea for an outdoor wedding (so long as the weather is good) with a large number of guests. It depends on your wedding venue and if they have nearby suitable trees that are picturesque and will give you a stunning background for your props and frames. You can also hang as many props as you want with this idea. Why not design your own handmade props to add an extra personal touch and match perfectly with your wedding theme.

Big Chalkboard Backdrop
Prop events
Prop Photo Booths

A big blackboard or chalkboard is very easy to find and a cheap way to make a wedding photobooth background. You can find one on the high street, in some supermarkets and in nearby department stores, or just create your own with chalkboard paint. The design is very versatile. You can add some bespoke personalisation by writing your wedding hashtags, or drawing your faces, on it. For additional fun, you can attach some decorations to the top of chalkboard; they can be flowers, ribbons or anything else that is related to your wedding theme. One more thing that makes this unusually wonderful, is that your guests can write their own message for you that can be preserved! Just don’t forget to leave plenty of chalk and a damp cloth to use at your guests’ disposal. Alternatively, check out PROP Photo Booths who provide unique, open photo booths and even GIF booths.

Retro Van Photobooth
Vintage Camper Booths
Vintage Camper Booths

Who wouldn't be amazed with this unusual photobooth idea? A retro van! If you, your family or your friends have one, you can simply borrow it for a day and make it your own kind of photobooth. If you don’t, you can still relax! Search for van rentals online. Nowadays, van rentals are very easy to reserve. Choose your favourite retro van that suits your style and have your designs and theme match with it. You can place the camera on the passenger seat and set up the couch for your guests. You can add more decorations inside and outside of the van. Also, you can park it anywhere on your venue’s grounds that adds some extra ambience. This idea is perfect for outdoor and retro themed weddings. However if you would like the perfect company to do this all for you and take care of all the little details then be sure to get in touch with our very own Vintage Camper Booths.

No-Photobooth Photobooth


This is a really unusual wedding photobooth idea--the idea of having a photobooth by not having a photobooth at all. Yes, you read that right! This is a bit tricky but really fun and entertaining. Your guests can just simply use their phones to take photographs. Whether it's formal, or wacky, or cheesy; basically, anything that is happening on your wedding day that can be captured via phone is possible. Then you will provide a shared printer that allows wireless printing, so your beloved guests can print their best snaps. This results in a wide range of pictures on your big day. To add a personal touch to these pictures, you can give a gift of a simple photo holder that includes your wedding details for remembrance. Don’t forget to remind your guests of where the shared printer is located, so they can easily get their printed photos. You can also add a wedding hashtag, so your guests can share photos via social media. The big plus for this idea is that you end up with some free wedding photo albums and a whole range of wedding memorabilia.

We hope that this list of unusual wedding photobooth ideas will help you in deciding what to have on your big day. Think about your wedding venue, the theme, your guests and what suits them best. We’re sure you will pick the perfect option.