Planning 101 1st September 2013

Top 5 Activities for Your Hen Party!

Planning a hen do is complicated enough, add in the fact that you need to book the perfect hotel and exciting activities that everybody is going enjoy… well it can be a bit of a headache sometimes! So, if you’re still struggling to choose between chocolate making and karaoke then maybe Hen Heaven can help: we’ve delved into our system and found out just what UK activities you hens love the most.

Cocktail Making

A firm favourite with hens of all ages, this fun filled activity involves both your girlfriends and alcohol – and lots of it. What’s not to love!? Plus you’ll get taught some great cocktail mixing skills, which you can use to show off to others in the future! So if you’ve always wanted to know how to mix an excellent cosmopolitan like a pro or whip together a killer mojito like a true mixologist then this modern day hen activity is just the thing for you.

Spa Pamper Day

hen do relaxing massage

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? Just imagine a nice relaxing back massage whilst soft music plays in the background, then taking a dip in a hot tub before showering and getting a lovely mani-pedi with the girls. Certainly sounds blissful to me! Plus it gives everyone in your group a chance to relax and chat, which is always a good thing! Especially if some of the members haven’t had the chance to meet everyone before the weekend.

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts baby in the corner” and they certainly won’t after you’ve learnt all the moves from this classic film! Everybody loves a good dance (admittedly, some do it better than others) so for a hen party, why not relive the days when you used to practice dance routines with your friends? Except this time you’ll be expertly taught the original moves by a professional dance instructor. A lot of fun and completely unforgettable - just keep in mind that carrying a watermelon to the class is optional.

Adonis Cabaret

A cheeky (literally!) hen do activity, that most definitely requires a “leave the boyfriend at home” mentality. More tongue and cheek than anything else, this outrageous hen night out will get you and the girls giggling and clapping faster than you can say “chiselled abs and impressive pecs.” Just remember to name and shame the bride-to-be so she can get some “extra special attention” from the hunky dancers (tis’ traditional after all!)

It’s a Knock Out

An active, adrenaline pumped, hen day out that’ll see you and your hens donning trainers and t-shirts rather than stilettos and dresses. Doesn’t seem like the likely thing to do on a hen do, admittedly, but every time we send hens on this activity they come back telling us how much fun they had! So if you fancy doing something a little bit unconventional (and just a bit silly!) then a day out running around in an inflatable assault course, could be the thing for you. Just get ready to limber up though ladies, because this activity is guaranteed to get messy!