Planning 101 8th September 2014

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

There is little doubt that your wedding photographer is one of the most important people on your wedding day. It's down to them to capture the memories you will cherish forever, and all the little details you've painstakingly planned for months and months - no pressure then!

Choosing your wedding photographer is no easy task, and there are SO many that it can be a touch overwhelming, we know. Here are a few pointers of a few good places to start in case you're totally clueless.

1. Find your style sista (or bro)

Every photographer has a different style, so before you start rifling through like a needle in a haystack,  head to Pinterest,  type wedding photography, and get pinning all the photos you love. Unless you're an absolutely fickle mess (which we all are sometimes..) you should start to see a trend emerging. Are they all really natural, laughing or crying shots where the subject is totally unaware of the camera? You like natural wedding photography! Are they super edgy, beautifully composed shots?  Try artistic wedding photography! There's lots of lingo to get used to here, and many photographers will be a mix of several styles, but just having an idea of what you like and what you're looking for will put you in a great starting position.

2. Ask around

Got friends who are married? Ask to see their wedding snaps or if they'd recommend their photographer! If you've already chosen a venue, ask for a list of photographers they'd recommend. It's great to use a photographer who knows the space they'll be working in, and where to get the best shots!

3. Search World of Wedmin

Shameless self-promotion, we know, BUT now you have an idea of the date you're getting married, the location, the style of photographer you'd like, and hopefully your budget, you can stick all this info in our handy search tool and compare the suppliers it throws up! You'll only be able to see those who are free on your date, cover your location and you can see what their prices start from. Now have a browse and click 'Get In Touch' to request some more info direct from the photographer! Simples!

4.  Getting to know you...

It's so important that you and your photographer share the vision for you big day, and that you actually get along. After all, they will be with you an awful lot! So many of our brides say their photographer felt like part of the family by the end of it all, and that they've stayed in touch! Cute! It's a good idea to have at least a telephone chat with a couple of different photographers from you chosen few; you'll soon work out which one you 'click' with the most!

5. The boring bit

Now you've chosen your 'tog, it's nitty gritty time. Make sure they have a contract for you to sign, and make sure you check it carefully before signing. What happens if they're taken ill? What does your package include? Do you need to provide them with a meal? Getting all this things ironed out on paper will save you a lot of headache should something go amiss.