Planning 101 13th August 2015

5 Reasons to Book a Saxophonist

Saxophonists are becoming one of the most popular entertainers for Weddings with a record number for bookings for 2015. With this huge rise in popularity, I have provided the top five reasons why bride and grooms are choosing to book a saxophonist for their big day.

1. Unique

One of the biggest searched terms for wedding entertainment is ‘unique’. Brides and grooms want their big day to stand out from the crowd and provide their guests with an experience to remember. The Sax is a beautiful instrument, which sounds and looks amazing and many people may not have seen it played live before so it will be a treat for their senses!

2. Flexible

Because the sax is an instrument that can be carried and played acoustically it gives lots of flexibility with regards to where and when it can be performed. You can literally have it for any part of your day, from serenading you down the aisle, to mingling with your guests during the drinks reception, with backing tracks throughout the wedding breakfast then freestyle on the dance floor playing along to your DJ at the evening reception.

3. Affordable

With the sax being able to create such a big sound on it’s own you can book it as a solo instrument and with prices starting from around the £220 mark, it’s a fantastic way to provide the wow factor for your big day without blowing the budget.

4. Something for everyone

Sax players will often have huge repertoires and so there will be something to suit all music tastes. You and your husband / bride to be may want to bring the sounds of your summer holidays back with some relaxed Café Del Mar sounds during the start of the evening reception, whereas your folks may be into the more traditional jazz during the drinks reception. Along with this they can play along to pop / rock and soul songs with backing tracks so there really is something for everyone!

5.  Larger line-ups

If you have a bigger space to fill or some extra budget available (nice work) then it is easy to augment your sax player with additional musicians to make a duo, trio, quartet or literally as large as you want. You can add keyboard, guitars percussion or even more sax players and again, they can play a huge repertoire from Jazz and swing to rock and pop.