Planning 101 6th February 2014

To list or Not to List?

We've all seen them at one point in our careers; a photography tick list. Many are copied directly from the internet, with entries such as 'ceremony kiss' (mandatory you'd hope!) or inspired from someone else’s wonderful photographs, such as 'bride looking whimsically over her shoulder, veil in the wind, looking at groom, who is teary eyed with an outstretched hand'. The latter example is born from a moment between a couple, not a list.

Ross Harvey Wedding Photography - BrideIf there is something *really* important to you, by all means tell the photographer about it. Let them know why it's important and what kind of shot you'd like to illustrate it. Chances are they'll work even harder to surprise you!

However, a long, detailed list will do nothing but snatch the in-the-moment creativity from a capable photographer. Established photographers know what they're doing. If you booked them because you love their portfolio, and their portfolio posts are consistent in content, you need not worry about a list. Just trust them to do what they do.

Creativity is impulsive; it comes from a mind able to be in the certain zone. A list, which is the epitome of logic, and the antithesis to creativity, will sit in that zone and hinder any sort of creativity. "Heck, I have to get this, and this, and this - and.... errr, who ARE these people!?".

Spontaneous opportunities will be lost from this, I guarantee it. Only highly versed photographers can reference a hefty list and remain unwavering in their creativity and spontaneity.

Hint: ask to look at a couple of full galleries before the wedding. Is there anything you think you’re missing, or all the bases you require covered? If they are, relax and enjoy your day and let the photographer do the same.