Planning 101 1st October 2013

The Season Ahead - Your Wedding Flowers

By Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart

As the seasons are changing, images of crisp golden leaves and dreamy picturesque, snowy landscapes come to mind.

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular, so whether your big day is just around the corner and there’s still last-minute details to finalise or if you’re looking a year ahead, feel inspired by this time of year as it offers just as much choice and versatility as a spring or summer wedding.

Wedding Bouquet - RosesIf you’re planning a wedding over the coming months, consider beautiful roses for your bouquet, which will create a generous posy of warming hues of apricots and rich creams that could be perfectly paired with anemones and ranunculas. These will not only create a beautiful bouquet, but also provide inspiration for table centre-pieces and additional arrangements around your venue. The autumnal colour palette can provide a striking statement to your floral displays and can really bring the season to life.

If you’re opting for a festive ceremony, then a white floral wedding it must be. Create an elegant and stylish bouquet with graceful white flowers and gorgeous green foliage such as eucalyptus and mistletoe. A cream floral arrangement instantly adds sophistication to any winter wonderland wedding. Consider combinations of white fluffy hydrangeas, Avalanche and Norma Jean roses and white narcissus, along with softly scented eucalyptus or festive silver foliage of senecio for a chic finish.

In particular for Christmas themed weddings, added wow-factors can be created with giant balls of mistletoe, with accents of holly and ivy hung from the venue’s roof, along with groups of Christmas trees decorated with masses of twinkling white lights. Wreaths can also provide a fabulous focal point and for a contemporary style statement wreath you could use eucalyptus, which is not only visually stunning but gives a gorgeous scent. For the finishing touches pretty fairy lights and flickering lantern flames can provide a soft lighting and atmosphere, making the occasion feel even more romantic and intimate. Then, of course, silver or gold accessories and crystals placed throughout the arrangements can provide that extra magic sparkle.

But remember, whatever time of year you’re planning to tie the knot, choosing the best seasonal flowers for your wedding will always give you the most fabulous results.