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The Rise of the Drone Wedding

If you’re struggling to get an unenthusiastic groom-to-be involved with wedding planning we may just have the answer. After all, boys love their toys right? We’re talking a futuristic, airborne gadget capturing video footage and aerial shots of your big day from dizzy new heights. We are, of course, talking drones. The use of drones in weddings is on the rise, with couples forever in search of new ways to make their big day unique and memorable. 

Previously a luxury reserved for the mega-rich with access to a helicopter or two, thanks to the invention of drones aerial footage is now accessible to all, offering you the chance to get some amazing unique shots of your wedding day.

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Drone specialists, Syngeus, talked us through some of the advantages of using a drone at your wedding:

Unique Shots

Due to their size, unlike manned aircraft, drones are able to fly into areas that were once not possible. They can fly from only a few centimetres of the ground to 400 feet in the air as one long continuous shot, whilst panning and framing a chosen subject. Drones can fly from inside a room and out through a window or door, giving the fottage a very unique shot. Furthermore, they can rotate on the same spot, move left, right up or down, all at the touch of the pilot’s command, whilst giving the camera operator total autonomy to position the camera to frame the perfect shot.


From arriving on site we can be up and flying in around 5 minutes, assuming all site surveys and risk assessments have been completed. Also, should the lighting or weather during the day go against us we can simply land our drone and wait for the next window of opportunity. Even with a window of only a few minutes, we can launch our drone and get the required shot, something manned aircraft can never do.

Full HD Quality

As technology has improved, drones are  able to shoot in full HD at 4k and higher without sacrificing any quality. This means that there is total flexibility when it comes to post-production editing, to produce an exciting and varied video reel of your big day.

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Some things to remember: 

Check permissions

Check your venues drone policy, sometimes you need special permission to fly the drone. Also there many be some restrictions as to where the drone can physically fly if the area you’re hoping to shoot in has lots of tall trees or low cables.

Weather will have an effect

Drones operate using electricity and as we all know, electricity and water do not mix well. They also won’t be able to operate in high winds for obvious reasons. 

Use a professional 

Drones are potentially dangerous beasts if handled incorrectly. Make sure you hire a professional with the necessary training and insurance 

Beware the noise

The small engine and propellers do make a fair amount of noise, so having the drone film the wedding ceremony may not be wise. The best time to film is pre-wedding, and during the reception drinks as guests are milling about.

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Syngeus are a professional aerial footage company based in Essex, with a team of experience, licensed professionals operating high spec drones. If you'd like to contact Syngeus to discuss hiring a drone and operator for your wedding, you can do so here.

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