Planning 101 28th January 2022

The Most Frequently Asked Wedding Questions By Couples

We surveyed 100 couples with some of the most frequently asked questions we've come across over the years. Be it wedding etiquette or tips and advice, we've collected the most common answers below for each question. Designed to be a living article, we will continue to update this with more FAQs and responses.

1) We are considering a twilight ceremony and skipping the sit-down meal and going straight to the party/drinks. Will we regret this?

While only a handful of respondents said they were considering this, most couples said they hadn't even thought about this and were presented with "standard" wedding packages by their venues. Traditionally, the speeches are done during the wedding breakfast but there's no reason why these couldn't be done at the party after the ceremony.

2) How should we handle the top table when parents or important relatives don't get along?

It's always important to remember that it's your day and you should have it exactly how you want it. If you feel that you need to split people across different tables to ensure everyone but especially you have the best time then that is what you should do. Planning a wedding is always tough and table plan politics will always remain an issue but your guests should respect any and all of the decisions that you make.

3) How far in advance should we speak to our venue about the timings and order of the day?

It's fairly standard to finalise timings roughly 6-8 weeks in advance. Upon booking the venue you should expect to have a rough idea of timings given you'll need these for your other suppliers.

4) Are you sticking to the tradition of staying separately from your other half the night before the wedding?

A real mixed bag! Some couples like this tradition and are planning to stick to it while many couples, particularly those who have hired a venue for the whole weekend were less bothered by this tradition and said it was important for them to actually stay with their partner the night before the wedding. Tell your partner to get out of your hair the next morning, that way you still get quality time to yourself and to prepare.

5) How important is it to do the "legal bit" at the ceremony?

1 in 4 of the couples surveyed said they had just hired a celebrant and were planning to go to a registry office on another day to do The Signing.  This seems to have become a particularly attractive option for those who haven't been able to get a registrar for their date.

6) Do I really need to have a wedding planner present on the day?

This seems to depend heavily on what your venue offers. Many venues offer on-the-day coordination as part of their package. Their in-house wedding planner then manages all of this. A coordinator or planner can help to make sure the day runs like clockwork and means you don't have to worry about any of those little details. However, you need to make sure you have the "right" individual for the job as if they're not up to it then it's likely to add more stress. Why not ask one of your sharp, switched-on bridesmaids or groomsmen to do the job if the venue isn't providing one? Saves money and you trust them!

7) What is the protocol for payment when it comes to bridesmaids' hair and makeup?

Generally, most brides are in agreement that if you're insisting on your bridesmaids using your hair and makeup artist then you should at least offer to foot the bill. Offering your closest group the option of doing their own hair and makeup is also totally acceptable.