Planning 101 16th July 2018

The Best Songs For Signing The Register

Congratulations, you’ve just got married! Now, just one more thing to do before enjoying a glass of champagne and some serious celebrations: sign the wedding register. This is a more private moment, so it’s nice to play some music while your guests are waiting.  

You’ve chosen music to walk down the aisle, you’ve chosen your first dance, so what about a good song for signing the wedding register?  

Do you want to create a more peaceful atmosphere after a moving ceremony, or do you want something a bit more upbeat to get your guests in the mood for a party? Are there any songs that are important to you as a couple that you haven’t already used as part of your event?

It can seem like the decisions are never-ending, so don’t worry; we’re here to help you with some great suggestions for signing the register songs.


‘At Last’ – Etta James


Isn’t this a wonderful song to mark the official beginning of your marriage? The passionate vocals and gorgeous orchestral melodies make it a great choice for a wedding, not to mention those perfect lyrics: At last my love has come along. It perfectly reflects the feeling of joy that comes with tying the knot and will make every guest shed another tear for you! 


‘Kissing You’ – Des’ree


Another choice that epitomises romance – in fact, it was written to soundtrack the first meeting of the ultimate romantic couple, Romeo and Juliet, in Baz Luhrman’s film. Luckily you’re definitely going to have a happier ending to your story than them, and the incredible intensity of this song is ideal as the background to the moment you formalize your new marriage.


‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ – Stevie Wonder


This is a slightly more upbeat option, and the title is taking the situation quite literally here, but it’s definitely appropriate for the moment you are signing the wedding register and committing to each other – I’m yours! This Motown classic will also get you and your guests tapping your feet in preparation for the reception.


‘You Got the Love’ – Candi Staton (or Florence and the Machine cover)


This euphoric song will perfectly mirror the joy you feel at being officially married to the love of your life – of course you feel like throwing your hands up in the air! It’s an incredibly moving track as well, even while it makes everyone feel like dancing. Choose between the original, which is the longer option if you want to make sure the time is filled, or Florence and the Machine’s emotional cover.


‘Tale as Old as Time’ (instrumental) – Beauty and the Beast


So many of us grew up with Disney as our benchmark for romance and there’s no shame in having a bit of that music if that’s what you want. This perfectly captures the timeless nature of love and represents the story of two people who change each other for the better – what a lovely message to seal your ceremony with. The instrumental version is that bit more sophisticated (not that a singing teapot isn’t sophisticated…).


‘One Day Like This’ – Elbow


A glorious finish to your ceremony! The longer length of this incredible moving song makes it a wonderful song for signing the wedding register. No one can hear the lyrics one day like this a year would see me right accompanied by that soaring string section without feeling inspired by the power of love.



A bit of an unusual choice, perhaps, but one that’s bound to make your guests smile and keep the atmosphere upbeat while the administration gets done. And why not be a bit different – it’s your wedding, after all?! This song has become a classic and is one that everyone will recognize. Not only that, but it actually has a very romantic message about going to great lengths for love. A great song for signing the register.


‘The Book of Love’ – Peter Gabriel


You could use the Magnetic Fields original instead, but in our opinion the Peter Gabriel version is so much more gentle and moving, and goes straight to the heart. It’s also particularly appropriate as you sign your own ‘book of love’ to begin your life together. The understated vocals and melody won’t drown people out if they want to chat with their neighbours either.


‘Canon in D Major’ – Pachelbel

Classical music is a great choice for this moment in proceedings as the pieces are long enough to ensure the music won’t finish before you’ve finished signing the register and leave an awkward silence. It’s also a nice soothing end to the ceremony. The bass chords and soaring strings combine to create a lovely backdrop to the moment you sign your marriage register.


‘Make You Feel My Love’ – Adele


We couldn’t create one of these lists without mentioning the Queen of Romance herself, Adele. An understated song with just a piano background and Adele’s incredible voice, this passionate song will bring tears to your eyes. If you want something a bit different, what about the Bob Dylan original?

Hopefully you’re already thinking about using one (or more!) of these songs for signing the register or they have at least provided you with some inspiration. Of course the most important thing is that you choose something that represents you, your partner and how you feel about each other.

You can find instrumental versions of almost every song you can think of (or record them yourself if you or your friends are musically inclined!). This would work perfectly if you and your partner have songs that are special to you but think the lyrics might not be wedding-appropriate! Alternatively, if you’re already investing in musicians for other parts of your big day, why not ask them if they have any suggestions?

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