Planning 101 15th February 2021

17 Wedding Cake Ideas We Can't Get Enough Of Right Now

Picking your wedding cake is one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding planning process. Who doesn't enjoy taste testing?! If you're lucky there may be some cake left over after the wedding which means you get to enjoy the leftovers. The wedding cake is both a focal point in terms of its presence but also a key moment in the day's running order. We're always in awe of what our bakers and cake designers create and we've searched far and wide to bring you the latest cakespiration which is guaranteed to make your tummy rumble!

Wedding cake prices vary significantly and unsurprisingly the size has a big impact. If you're looking to save a few pennies then consider getting a single-tier cake. Lots of relatively cheap and fun caketoppers online too so take time to browse through these. 

Right, without further ado, bring on the cakes!

1. Windswept Blossoms - Rosalind Miller

Windswept Bloosoms wedding cake - Rosalind Miller

Windswept Blossoms wedding cake by Rosalind Miller is part of the Abundance collection and features exquisitely detailed, hand-crafted sugar flowers and decorations. The whole collection is gorgeous, incredibly creative and we just love the colours on this 3-tier masterpiece!

2. Semi-Naked - Bunty's Wedding Cakes

bunty's wedding cake

Why does your cake need to be naked or fully covered? It doesn't! We love Bunty's semi-naked cakes which add a slightly more vintage feel to a wedding.

3. Earth & Sugar

Earth & sugar

Such a cute, nautical-themed cake. The beautifully-designed wedding cakes by Earth and Sugar make their cakes utterly breathtaking. Slightly smaller cakes are likely to be popular this year to match smaller guest lists and minimalist stying. 

4. Winifred Kristé Cake


5. Fleur And Flour

Fleur and flour

6. Nadia and Co

nadia and co

7. The Cake & The Giraffe

cake and the giraffe

8. Intricate Icings (Spanish Tiles)

9. Lael Cakes

lael cakes

10. Kayla Knight Cakes

kayla knight cakes

11. Cake Hero

cake hero

12. Flours Cake Design

flourish cake design

13, Ruby Lou's Cake Co.

ruby lou's cake co.

14. Cotton and Crumbs

cotton and crumbs

15. Sara Rogers

sara rogers photography

16. Vegan Cafe & Bakery London

vegan everything

17. Eastcreek

Donut wedding cake