Planning 101 3rd January 2014

Start 2014 Feeling Your Best! Here's How...

Suffering from winter blues? Are you cold, tired and lacking energy? Bored of your wardrobe? Hit a brick wall when it comes to skin care? Bit of luck that we are here to help you then! Here are our top tips to help you enter 2014 feeling the best you have ever felt. Healthy and happy and ready for the summer!

Bride at Spa Pampering Day

Indulge in a pampering session

Pamper yourself weekly, if not daily! We highly recommend spending part of your day, focusing purely on you. Whether you have a long, hot bath surrounded by candles, exfoliating and soaking or whether you choose to nip to your local salon and have a quick manicure, this is a great way to boost your confidence as well as your mood. The winter may be drab and depressing but it doesn’t mean to say that you need to feel the same - spruce things up a bit and take a bit of ‘me’ time.

Try exercising three times a week

The dreaded exercise word! Really though, it can help you too feel fantastic. Maybe you have spent the Christmas holidays eating everything and anything or perhaps you just want to tone up a little, in time for your wedding. Well, spending 30 minutes, three days a week can help you to shed the pounds whilst creating a beautiful, fit and healthy mind!

Hen Party Horse Riding

Learn something new

Why not learn something new this year? Open your mind and let your creative juices flow. You could take up horse riding or yoga, you could attend cooking classes or join a reading club, the opportunities are endless and it could be really fun! Ask your friends to join you too; it could be a new adventure for you all.

Take the time to work out your skins preferences.

Your skin, whether combination or dry, has it’s own preferences! Feel fantastic this year by working out the perfect skin routine! Cleanse, tone and moisturise. DAILY! Find a moisturiser that compliments your skin, helping to sooth any dry bits without making you break out. Pop to your local town and find a makeup stand that is willing to talk to you about your skins needs and colour. Buy a foundation or tinted moisturiser that blends perfectly, whether it’s low coverage or high. Throw out any makeup that is broken or old… yes, we know you ladies like to keep a stash of makeup, but makeup does have a sale by date! Start to build up a new collection that suits your colouring. Not only will you feel great putting it on but you’ll look radiant all day too. And… your skin will love you!

Throw out your old, unused clothes - even better, give them to charity!

Here is a special tip, from me to you. Empty your wardrobe and work out what clothes you wear regularly and which clothes you never wear at all. Start by making a pile of the clothes you don’t like and then one of the clothes that you don’t think you’ll wear. Put these straight into a charity bag. Now… the clever bit. Hang the rest of your clothes back into the wardrobe, putting the hanger the wrong way round. Make sure the hook of the hanger faces you, the inconvenient way around. Now, get into the habit of taking the hanger off the rail, if you wear that item of clothing. Hang it back round the right way, once you put it back. Give it six months and then look in your wardrobe… if there are any hangers the wrong way round still then you clearly don’t wear that item of clothing enough! Question whether you actually like it or need it - if not, give it to charity!


It’s a proven fact that if you smile more, you become happier. Also, it’s so nice when someone smiles at you, isn’t it? Fight the winter blues with a positive mind- smile! Smile at your husband-to-be, your friends, your family and complete strangers!

Spend some quality time with your fiancé.

Make sure you spend some quality time with your loved one, every week. Have a date night, go to the cinema, go for dinner, make a lovely meal… whatever you choose, appreciate that time. It’s a good idea to turn your phone off or leave it at home, that way you’re totally engrossed in what ever you are doing and it gives you both a lovely break from work or the dreaded social media!

Bride relaxing on holiday

Book a holiday!

If funds allow it then book a holiday! Life’s better with a tan, right? Alternatively, go to the beach- a cold walk will blow the cobwebs away and the beach always looks beautiful in winter.

Start a ‘dream wedding’ scrapbook.

Look at apps like Pinterest and Instagram and you’ll be inspired, in time for your big day. Check out our photo galleries too. We have hundreds of fabulous photos that will give you some fabulous ideas for your perfect, dream wedding. Scrapbook them and put them in a journal, not only is this a fun thing to do but it will be helpful when you get down to making big decisions! And finally…

Hit the sales!

Whether you spend a few pounds or hundreds… you cannot go wrong with a bit of shopping! There is something so therapeutic about heading home with a shopping bag…

We hope this helps! Summer is on its way!