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10 Ideas For A Guest Book Which Don't Suck

Whilst having a guest book is a really nice momento of your big day, it will undoubtedly join the hoards of birthday cards, valentines cards and random keepsakes collecting dust on top of your wardrobe.

With that in mind, we've put together a collection of the BEST ideas for a guestbook you'll be proud of and want to show off in your home...

1. The thumbprint pictures

They've gained in popularity recently, and for good reason! Not only will this make a beautiful piece of artwork in your home, but also will provide a bit of entertainment for your guests. Popular options include balloons lifting various things, and leaves of a tree, but I really like this creative firefly version...


2. Patchwork Quilt

Collect offcuts of nice fabrics and cut them into patchwork pieces. Provide your guests with fabric pens and let them add their messages to a swatch. Once the wedding is over you (or somebody who can use a sewing machine!) can sew them all together into a lovely patchwork quilt.

3. Signed Photograph

Did you have an engagement shoot? Have your favourite photograph printed and framed with a very wide mount. Then display the photo (without the glass) at the wedding next to some pens.


4. A message in a bottle

Ask guests to write well wishes then stuff them into a bottle. You can choose how long you'd like to keep them there before you decide to smash the bottle and read the contents. I'd probably last about a week, but it would be nice to aim for 1 year, 2 years, even 10!

5. Crazy Big Letters

So this has been a major trend anyway this year - more often than not of the light up variety. But how about having some nice giant letters which your guests could sign, and then display them in your home? 

6. A Collection of Postcards

Now I can't promise these won't also gather dust, but they will be a bit of fun for a while! Ask guests to write a pre-addressed postcard from your wedding, and then have a trusted member of the bridal party post them out in batches to you over the next few months. It's a cute way to relive the day when you're getting post wedding blues.

7. Polaroid Guestbook

It seems a wedding is not a wedding these days without a photobooth, so why not double it up as a guestbook too?! Use a polaroid or some other instant photo printing software and leave it on a table with a large book, props, pretty sticky tape and pens!

8. Globetrotters

Do you like to travel as a couple? Maybe you're planning a big round the world trip for your honeymoon? Or maybe you'd like inspiration for all the places you could visit together in your marriage. After all, love makes the world go round!

9. Jigsaw

Because without you our puzzle is not complete! Or something equally as cheezy. Maybe you could get the puzzle out and do it on your anniversary when you've been married far too long?

10. Record a video guest book!

One for the super hip couple, forget the book it's all about the vid! Set up a quiet area where guests can record little messages for you which you can put on a dvd (or more likely leave on a USB) and watch back for years to come. This is guaranteed entertainment for years to come...

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10 Ideas for a guest book which don't suck