Planning 101 9th November 2016

3 Steps To Finding Your Wedding Venue

Arguably the biggest decision in your wedding planning journey, finding your perfect wedding venue can be a very daunting task. With so many venues out there, from castles to pubs and everything in between, it's hard to know where to start. Today on the blog we have 3 great tips from Natalie Ellen Cobb from venue finding experts Private Dining London, about finding your dream venue in London, or further afield.

1. Be Bold & Adventurous

ivory faults, alternative london venuesThe Ivory Vaults, London

I recommend that you take a look at some traditional options such as hotels and country houses, but also advise you to view a number of more unusual unique venues – you may surprise yourself and choose a venue that you wouldn’t have thought of.

London is full of spectacular venues and unique spaces which make beautiful settings for your special day and you probably wouldn't find in other cities. 

2. Give Yourself the Right Budget

the star and garter, london wedding venueThe Star & Garter, London

The venue is usually the biggest cost in your wedding budget, and typically accounts for 40-50% of the whole spend. Consider this when you start looking for venues and make sure you manage your expectations accordingly.

London is pricey, we all know it and there is no way of beating around the bush. However, expensive doesn’t have to mean over-budget… it means daunting minimum spends, hire fees and packages. Do not fret if you feel limited by your budget, but shop around, negotiate and look at what is included. Our advice? Look at the City if you want a weekend Wedding as their minimum spends are lower, and choose a less-popular day of the week for venues on the outskirts of London or Central London. Venues that are fairly unknown tend to incur lower costs, see our next tip for how to go about finding these.

3. Use a Venue Finding Expert or Wedding Planner

bma house, london wedding venueBMA House, London

This is your direct ticket to finding a hidden gem for your Wedding day or, to simply filter through the hundreds of venues that appear to meet your requirements. The best thing about venue finders is their inside knowledge, so use it! They are in touch with venues on a day-to-day basis which means that they can offer you a wide range of options, negotiate prices on your behalf and make your research a breeze! Allow them to send you a proposal with a number of possible venues and you can view your favourites in person. Repeat until you find the perfect place. Consider a Wedding planner who can save you thousands of pounds in exchange for their one-off planner’s fee. 

Still feeling confused or stuck with where to start finding your perfect venue? If you think you could benefit from Natalie's skills, you can contact Private Dining London here to find out more.

private dining londonNatalie, from Private Dining London

 bma house, london wedding venueBMA House, London